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Previous microbiology laboratory technician now training to be an RN

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  1. Educate me about LinkedIn - please!

    You’ve heard it hundreds of times before (and probably will hundreds of times again): You need to be on LinkedIn. But once you’ve create your profile what’s next? If you’re not actively job searching, it can be easy to throw your information up there...
  2. Lets play the drug of choice game

    Do they use lithium in the states for Bi-Polar?
  3. NZ new grad opportunities in OZ?

    Hi I'm hoping i can get some insight into the chances of a new NZ nursing grad getting work in Australia. Is it possible? Would further exams be needed? what do you need to be able to register with AHPRA? Are new grad jobs available to NZers? thanks...
  4. Hi I'm from New Zealand and I'm training to be an RN, I'm in my first year. I'm just wondering how much does it cost to study/train to become an RN in America? If the education was free what would you choose to do?
  5. WOW Thanks for all your replies :-) I am from New Zealand, and a student, so please excuse me/bare with me if I use different words. What I meant was would having experience in an operating room be an advantage? Do you enjoy the work? Do you have f...
  6. How about theatre experience, would that help entry into radiology? Also how long do you think it would take (generally speaking) for a new grad to gain the skills needed (for eg. in ER or ICU or theatre (if appropriate)) to then be able to move ont...
  7. Oh and how about the hours?
  8. And how about the pace of the job? moderate? fast? Do most radiology nurses begin in other areas or is it possible for new grads to go straight into Radiology? What are the best parts of the job and least favorite?