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  1. Jenniferocious

    Do you run any special groups?

    Good news! My principal is on board and I'm going to start a group for the diabetics plus another one for students with other health issues they'd like to get some support with. We have a morning session (kind of like during homeroom time) 2 days a week where the kids can go to a specific teacher to seek help for something specific that they have to sign up for. They are going to add me to the list of options and then the kids can come down to my office at that time (so it will be during school hours and I will be getting paid). I'm excited and hoping that I can help make a difference for these kids (especially the ones transitioning to high school next year). Thanks again for all of your input and ideas! You guys are great!!
  2. Jenniferocious

    Do you run any special groups?

    Well thank you very much!!
  3. Jenniferocious

    Do you run any special groups?

    Wow! Oh my goodness you guys.. You are all way to kind. I guess I just thought it would be a good idea as I have one diabetic 8th grader that was not feeling the love here and switched schools (I found out she is not very happy at her new school either), and another who has had some issues with behavior. I just wanted to try and work with the younger ones to help them transition through 8th grade and make it off to high school confident and successful...as I feel that is one of the tougher grades these kids seem to deal with. I will present my idea to the principal and see where it goes from there. I don't even honestly know if the student's would want to do it. I asked my daughters friend who is T1D (from another school) and she said "No way!". But I get the feeling my kiddos here would be more receptive to it. Thanks again for all of your responses!! J
  4. Jenniferocious

    Do you run any special groups?

    Hello, This is my 2nd and 1/2 year as a full time middle school nurse. I am currently a tri-leader of an LGBTQ group that takes place every other week here (but I run it with two other teachers). I enjoy talking with the students and getting to know them, however it is not really medically related (I decided to help out as many of the students were coming to me for support/advice, etc) . Anyway, I was thinking of putting together a group for my students with diabetes. Just a support group they can come to and talk about their week, their numbers, highs and lows (both figuratively and relatively speaking)… and any other questions or concerns they have. I just didn't know how to go about approaching the idea. I'm asking if any of you run any sort of support groups and how you got them up and running. I'm assuming I'd have to get the ok from my principal first, then go to the parents and then present it to the students. But I was hoping for some advice so I sound like I have half of an idea before I bring it up to any of them. lol If you have any advice.. I'd love it. Thanks in advance! Jennifer
  5. Jenniferocious


    Hello I've been a member of allnurses forever but I haven't posted much. I am a school nurse now on my second full year (I was a sub prior to that). I work with 6-8 grade. We have a serious vaping problem in our district (mainly high school and my middle school). These kids are tricky with their supplies, they look like regular everyday things that would go unnoticed if you weren't looking specifically for it. My issue is .. I'm wondering if there is a correlation between vaping and elevated BG in a type 1 diabetic? I know nicotine can cause your BG to rise, but I wasn't sure how it would effect a diabetic? Also, the glycerine they add to it for that fruity flavor.. I'm wondering if that could make a difference? I have a student (I won't say male or female) who can easily get out of class due to their T1D to come to "my office " and check his/her BG. Most of the time it is slightly elevated, but nothing we can really do at that time besides assess and encourage water. I've caught them sneaking around after he/she comes to see me at their locker and then trying to get to the bathroom and dodging me every which way they can. There have been reports that he/she has been caught vaping in the bathroom as well. I'm just curious if anyone has seen a correlation between the two or if I'm just looking for something that doesn't exist. It is such a problem here, it is so frustrating and I don't know how to get through to these kids to tell them how potentially dangerous this could be. Any insight would be great. Thanks and looking forward to reading more on here... it's been a long time!!