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  1. Rn112389

    NCLEX Study Tips contest

    study tips: eat a ton of comfort food, gain 50lbs throughout nursing school, late night trips to starbucks, pull your hair out, cry over your textbooks, yell at your textbooks, set your study materials on fire. May not be the best “tips” but they sur...
  2. Rn112389

    Miserable New Grad

    Poor honey! I will never forget that feeling! That is a normal adjustment just stick with it and it will become easier! I would say it took me a year as a new nurse to start feeling confident. Ive been a nurse for 8 years and i have experienced wi...
  3. Rn112389

    Celebrate Nurses Article Contest - You Pick 3 Winners

    Curious as well
  4. Rn112389

    Celebrate Nurses Article Contest

    Just curious if voting has ended and who won? ?
  5. @Jeanniejayne thanks for taking the time to read, I pray everything is going well for you presently!
  6. My background and first true love in nursing is emergency trauma nursing. The ER I worked in, is a 97 bed Level 1 trauma emergency department who services the whole western side of the state. We see 140,000 patients a year and the volume and acuity ...
  7. Rn112389

    Celebrate Nurses Article Contest

  8. Rn112389

    Celebrate Nurses Article Contest

    I'm not sure where to submit my entry either - "F.A.S.T. – does not represent the time it takes to explain my role" Stroke Program Nurse Coordinator for AllNurses.docx
  9. Rn112389

    NOC nurses need sleep too!!!

    That is seriously frustrating. People that dont work nights just don't get it. I've been working nights for 5 years and my body still has not adjusted completely and I don't expect it too. Certain things are left undone untill I have two days off in...
  10. Go for your BSN. Unless you have your foot in the door at a facility working as a nurses aide, chances are most hospitals will only hire you if you have a BSN. Personally, I think its a good idea to start at the bottom and work your way up (to test ...
  11. Thanks for your reply, I'm looking for per-diem as well! Good luck!!
  12. to all my friends on allnurses, I am asking for your advice yet again! I am beginning to feel as though I am at a crossroad and need to make some changes in my career. A little background, I am a "Resource/Charge RN" on a medical surgical telemetry ...
  13. I have always admired the input from nurses using this forum so know I am asking for some general advice to help advance my career. To give you all some background information I am still considered a new graduate (less than 2 years), im ambitious and...
  14. Rn112389

    My first job is a night shift

    I Started on nights as a new grad in December and am in love. I worked days for a brief period of time during my 8 week orientation and found them exhausting. Days provide more learning opportunities however, I had a hard time organizing myself and ...
  15. Rn112389

    Can I write to a deceased patients family?

    Thankyou for both of your input. My manager did provide the family with a route of communication to me so I agree seeing her for this matter would be appropriate. I also agree with BerryHappy that I should protect myself but I would not like to ingo...