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  1. Hello! Congratulations on your acceptance! I am an El Centro-North Lake grad May 2009. It is a tough program to get into and to stay in. I did get a job a month before graduation. I still work in the same place and love it. As for the program, I'm sure it has changed. I don't have info on costs, etc. But I will say that the first semester, like the ones after it, suck. I don't know many people, I know none, in fact, who enjoyed nursing school. My mantra during those two years was "just get through this." My clinical instructor was a complete but, and writing care plans is pretty stupid, in my opinion. Just keep working hard and eventually graduation will come. In my last semester, I did a preceptorship for clinical. Basically, I was hooked up with one nurse and worked her schedule twice a week. It was awesome because I only had to see my clinical instructor twice. I recommend doing that, if possible. The driving is going to be a drag for you but you are in and I promise it will fly by. My memory is foggy, thank God, but remember, you'll get out of the program what you put into it. Back then, there were a few instructors who I could count on to help me if asked. Get close to some of the other people in the class. Make a study group, if possible. These are the people who will get you through. You won't be the only one from FW, I imagine. We had a few from mid-cities. Good luck!
  2. Panasonic

    Cheap online MSN / FNP programs

    timwesme: Frontier University? it's not cheap...but it might be an option. they also have an ADN-MSN-DNP for nurse practitioners that runs around 50K
  3. Panasonic

    Thank you, thank you ,certification done!

    Congratulations!! That is awesome :)
  4. Panasonic

    Thank you, thank you ,certification done!

    Congratulations!! That is awesome :)
  5. Panasonic

    Bad Job Market? Be a NURSE! (Insert eye roll here)

    I know we are still hurting for nurses at the hospital where I work. We have residencies for critical care that last 18 weeks. 4.5 years ago, I was one of ten in the ER residency. Now, the residency has 40 new grads/new ER nurses! It's crazy to think about training all these new nurses. Good luck in your job search! You may need to be open to relocating, if possible.
  6. Panasonic

    New Grad and Patient's Who Hit Close to Home

    I second melizerd's comments: totally normal. I've cried at work for the same reasons and a couple times for personal reasons. Excusing yourself and letting the feelings flow was a good thing to do. Cases that are difficult will continue to come your way; you will still feel for people and react emotionally, but it will get easier. Sure makes you appreciate what you have, right?
  7. Panasonic

    Looking the proverbial horse in the mouth

    I take trileptal and love it. Only downside is I feel tired. I've got co workers who take lamictal and it works for them, too.
  8. Panasonic

    Aren't You just Incredibly Proud?

    Yes, I'm proud of myself, my accomplishments, and my profession. Keep in mind there are bad apples in every bushel, and they like nothing more than to sour the rest. Keep your head up and give it your best! You'll be glad you did.
  9. Panasonic

    ER trauma 1 per diem vs. ER trauma 2 full time.

    If you have a family, go for the job with benefits. If not, take the Level 1 job and get your own insurance.
  10. Panasonic

    Does it really matter?

    I think online nursing programs are great for people who need the flexibility. You will still get the hands-on training and skills during clinical. Honestly, from what I remember during nursing school (ADN), it's totally doable in an online classroom. The only downside is you may be responsible for finding your own clinical sites. As far as your choice of school, I don't remember too many people caring about where I went. You pass NCLEX, get your license, that's it. If it is convenient for your life and you don't mind the extra costs, go for it!
  11. Panasonic

    Nursing certification as elective credit??

    What is ANCC?
  12. I went to an NP a few years ago. Awesome experience. I felt she spent way more time with me than any regular "doctor"has before. In my opinion, go all the way. She had her own practice, for which I paid like $300 for one visit (worth it, to me), and did not have a nurse.
  13. Panasonic

    Another "I'm new here thread"

    Welcome! Is that Gizmo? Awesome :)
  14. Panasonic

    Worried I shouldn't have disclosed bipolar

    Hi. I wanted to lend some support. I, too, have Bipolar and am very open about about it. You are so right! All bipolar people are not the same! The stereotypical BP person wears blue eye shadow, talks a mile a minute and is basically out of control. Keep your head up; clearly, you are stable, being followed by a Dr., etc. My only advice would be to ask this nurse if your diagnosis is causing the distance you feel, and ask if she told other people at work. If she told others, that is hurtful, but you'll survive.
  15. Panasonic

    I made the wrong choice...

    You may have to consider moving to where the jobs are available. Just like any field, not everyone can get their dream job the first time. I feel for you.