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  1. mharzi

    Hawaii Pacific Health

    Hi AppleInBrooklyn, could you please elaborate the "skills testing?" Did you get medication/pharmacology questions, skills like GT feeding, inserting a catheter, or only math questions? TIA!
  2. mharzi

    I need an experts opinions please !!

    "You were very kind and wise to not confront her in front of others. You were brave to do so too! Not many people would do this. You must be an incredible nurse." @airasalia Thank you!
  3. mharzi

    I need an experts opinions please !!

    You did the right thing. I'm so proud of you for standing up for yourself. I was in the same situations too before (2017- Jan.2018). One of my co-workers in a nursing facility, not a hospital, always did that to me too. Other nurses make fun or laugh with my accent ONLY if this one Charge Nurse was there because she always started the bullying. One day, I was tired of her for correcting and laughing at my accent in front of co-workers (nurses) and CNAs and talked to her in private. I told her that what she's doing to me is bullying and if she will not stop it, then I will report her. She apologized to me and since then she never bully or embarrasses me again in front of my co-workers.
  4. mharzi

    SL medical abbreviation

    Thank you rob4546.
  5. mharzi

    SL medical abbreviation

    Thank you vintagemother!
  6. mharzi

    SL medical abbreviation

    Thank you vanilla bean.
  7. mharzi

    SL medical abbreviation

    What does SL stand for from a nursing note: 22g SL to the R hand? Thank you.
  8. mharzi

    SL medical abbreviation

    What does SL stand for from a nursing note: 22g SL to the R hand? Thank you.
  9. mharzi

    Brian Short News

    Shocked and heartbroken. Sincere condolences to their families, relatives and friends and peace to Brian, his wife, and children. Thank you Brian Short for creating Allnurses.com, you will be forever in our heart. We'll surely miss you.
  10. mharzi

    Signing Off......

    Praying that you will pass the exam. Good luck and God bless you!
  11. mharzi

    I Passed NCLEX!! Sharing What I Did...

    Congratulations Graduatenurse14!!! I'm happy for you, good luck for your next journey -being a nurse. :) May I ask a favor, would you please post all the lab values you used for studying or a link maybe. Thank you for your time and much appreciated.
  12. mharzi

    Passed nclex pn 5 years after graduating

    Congratulations, I am happy and proud of you for not giving up and thank you for the tip about Saunders. :)
  13. mharzi

    From One Nursing Student to the Next

    Thank you so much ca21roberts for taking the time to share this awesome advice. I love it and I will use this as my guide for my journey as new nursing student. I will start the nursing program this summer and I'm glad I saw your post. Thank you once again for the extremely helpful tips. Bless you! :)
  14. mharzi

    I PASSED 1st take!!! What I did.

    Congratulations RN rivsemaj109!!! I am happy for you. You worked hard for NCLEX exam so you deserved to pass. God bless you! :)
  15. Thank you all for your response. :)