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  1. Your mechanic having to squeeze in time for an oil change? Haven't you ever heard if Jiffy Lube?
  2. labrat2nurse

    Tips for inserting foleys

    I once had to use a pediatric Foley for an 80 year old man because of his BPH. Its not unusal to feel resistance, but not so much that you cannot passage the catheter.
  3. labrat2nurse

    best med/surg journal

    I like the American Journal of Nursing. Each issue covers a broad range of topics that are timely and informative
  4. labrat2nurse

    What do you think of 12 hour shifts

    I used to hate them, now I like them. I had a hard time being on the go for 12 hours, but once I learn to pace myself, I was able to do it easier. Now I appreciate the time off during the week. Great for getting errands done with little traffic around!
  5. labrat2nurse

    Leaving nursing

    Smart choice-there's a big demand for engineers.I would try to find an area where your nursing exerience will be a strong asset. You'll find that the other engineers are missing your practical experience and will make impractical goofy designs
  6. labrat2nurse

    Got a nurse aide fired... did I do the right thing?

    You did the right thing. Present management with evidence, and then let tbem decide what to do with it. It's not your job to save somone else from their own poor behavior
  7. labrat2nurse

    NYT Article: Men don't want to be nurses, and their wives agree

    I agree with the premise of the article that there are people both inside and outside the profession that believe that nursing is a "women's job." Fortunately, I find these people within the profession to be rare, and that the important deciders in the profession demiss this as silly. An important point in the article is that unemployed men in manufacturing are not transitioning to healthcare where this is a demand. But how much of this is attitude vs inertia? I began nursing school when I was 50, transitioning from a white collar job where I felt my career oppourtunities had plateaued. It was hard; others may not have the drive to do this regardless of attitudes.
  8. labrat2nurse

    New RN - Should I take an unappealing Med-Surg offer?

    I started an RN residency in med surg at age 53. Since I had never been a nurse before, I appreciated the opportunity to the program offered to transition into a new career.
  9. labrat2nurse

    0200 BP's - Dealing with Tired Rude Doctors

    On our med-surg floor, we measure every patient's VS at 0200. It's part of our sepsis control program.
  10. labrat2nurse

    New to Night Shift - How will I survive??

    I've been working night for 6 months since starting as a new RN. I really like it-a good environment for getting up to speed as a new nurse, and less traffic in the off hours for getting errands done. The biggest negative for me is that there isn't much interaction with the other med teams for the patient care. Sometimes there is information that I want pass on to the med team and find that I have to rely on the dayshift nurse and/ nursing notes when I rather do it by one-on- conversation.
  11. labrat2nurse

    Nurse Fatigue Poll

    I am senior in nursing school, and I am working on a capstone project that is part of my curriculum. The assignment is to take a current management issue in the nursing field, propose an intervention to address the issue, and a managerial/leadership style to make it happen. I have chosen nurse fatigue as my topic. The ANA recognizes nurse fatigue as a major concern in the profession, and put forth a position statement that advocates limiting nurses' hours to 12 h/day, 40 h/wk (http://nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/WorkplaceSafety/Healthy-Work-Environment/Work-Environment/NurseFatigue/Addressing-Nurse-Fatigue-ANA-Position-Statement.pdf). I am not advocating this position; I am merely pointing it out to show that the profession, as represented by the ANA, has developed a policy to address the issue. The reason I am posting this content is that I would like to get a feeling for what the pros in the nursing field believe are major contributors to nurse fatigue in the workplace. Know that I regard this as an unscientific polling, and I am NOT looking for quotes for my paper. My questions are: Have you ever begun a shift feeling fatigued? If so, what do you feel is/are major contributors to the fatigue? If you have ever felt fatigue during a shift, what at the workplace would you change to reduce the incidence of fatigue? I thank you now for your responses.
  12. labrat2nurse

    BA in physics, 2+ years of med school, interested in nursing.

    I started nursing as a second carer when I turned 50. Did not have to repeat a single science class taken 30 years prior. What the
  13. labrat2nurse

    41 yr old male wanting to start a 2nd career in nursing?

    I am beginning a BSN program exactly one week before my 50th birthday. How's that for celebrating the half-century mark?