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  1. Golden West College ADN Fall 2022

    I believe their website states that in the event that a lot of people have the same number of points, the selection turns into a lottery and they pull candidates from there at random. So if a lot of people qualified, and it turned into a lottery, it ...
  2. Pasadena City College ADN Program Fall 2022

    wait, you applied to both their LVN program and RN program??? I called and asked what the process was like for applicants who applied to both programs, like is it possible to be accepted to both? and the lady told me I could only choose one and ...
  3. LBCC ADN Program Fall 2022

    I haven't received anything. Do they also send out rejection letters? Some schools never send anything back. They should at least let us know if we didn't get in so we can move on. I'm sorry. 😓 Did they send it to your long beach school ...
  4. Golden West College ADN Fall 2022

    Nope. I haven't heard anything. Does anyone know if they also send rejection letters? Or do they just send out acceptance letters? Some schools just never send anything back, they should at least tell us if we didn't get in so we can move on, LOL.
  5. LBCC ADN Program Fall 2022

    Has anyone heard anything? I called the school and they said "within the next couple of days". I literally spent so much time being on hold and being transferred to 4 people only to get an estimate, LOL. But I guess we should be hearing back this wee...
  6. I'll reach out to you if I can't get an answer from them. I'm gonna call them tomorrow morning and ask. Btw, I saw your post about nightingale. I legit had no idea this school existed. Looking into it now, LOL.
  7. I sent an email asking "if the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of spaces available does it become a lottery?" They haven't replied, but this seems to the norm for almost all community colleges. There is no way they only had 50 quali...
  8. wow, are you serious?! That seems kinda unfair. I got zero points, but I figured I would have a second chance next application cycle, but I guess not. I had 89 points before the interview but didn't get selected even thought the cut off was 86. So no...
  9. Did you have to fill out an application again on the portal? Or was the information just carried over?
  10. So I got my rejection letter and it states if you want to be considered for the next cohort you have to submit "a letter indicating you want to be considered for Spring 2023". I'm gonna email them tomorrow because I have no idea what to put on t...
  11. I think this interviewer is just burnt out. She had no facial expressions and seemed annoyed at everything we did. They paired us into groups of two for the interview and both of us were back in the classroom and we waited there in silence for like t...
  12. The person that interviewed me was the older asian lady ( I think she is Filipina) and she literally cut me off when I was trying to answer her question on what inspired me to be an nurse. I had just started talking for no more than 10 seconds when s...
  13. If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the openings available does it turn into a lottery system?
  14. OK, I'm glad I'm not alone. I was going crazy trying so many different ways to create a profile. I forgot today was a holiday so I will call tomorrow and ask if they are aware of the problem. Hopefully it can be resolved soon.
  15. Is anyone else having trouble creating a profile? When I try to create a profile it says to disable pop-ups, which I have and nothing happens when I click on the "create" button to create my profile. I've tried on different computers, ipad, phone, la...