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  1. Really excited

    Do you think I should buy it before I start?
  2. Starting school in the morning

    How exciting! I start soon and I'm really excited too! Let me know how it goes, what classes do you have?
  3. Really excited

    Thank u!
  4. Really excited

    I'm so excited to start school, I start in a couple of days and I'm jumping out of my skin! It would be cool if your could share your nursing school experiences with me and give some tips! :)
  5. A Day In The Life Of A Nursing Student

    Do you regret choosing nursing?nif not how far do you want to go with it?
  6. Homework on first day?

    Herzing university, hbu? Yeah in the fall I have fundamentals, pharm and a few others
  7. Homework on first day?

    My first day of nursing school is July 8th. The calendar is in terms so I have two classes until the fall. The two classes that I have are A&P 1 and college algebra. From your experience did they assign homework on the first day of class? How was...
  8. Family at school orientation?

    Thanks! It makes sense....
  9. Family at school orientation?

    Do you think it would be okay to bring a family member to you nursing schools orientation?(it doesn't say on my letter if it was okay or not)
  10. RN Nursing School Orientation?

    Same here! I hope that my school will include the stuff but idk.
  11. RN Nursing School Orientation?

    Wow! That's awesome! Are you going to buy shoes and a steth before you start? Do they have restrictions on things like that?
  12. RN Nursing School Orientation?

    ebailey1218 How soon after you started school did you start doing clinicals
  13. Class of 2015

    Hello, I start my ADN program July 8 and my orientation is on June 20. So far I haven't heard anything from my school as far as immunization records or what we need to buy but I'm really excited!
  14. RN Nursing School Orientation?

    When is you orientation? Did they give u an agenda of what you'll be doing? My school didn't they just said a light breakfast and lunch will be provided...
  15. RN Nursing School Orientation?

    Me too! We've don't a background check already but that's about it.