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    Considering a move to Ohio...Need info?

    I am in Columbus, $40/hr day shift, with 17yrs experiences and CNOR. Of course it will depend on whether you are working in a hospital vs surgi-center, and those kinds of variables.

    Need a better paying job in Colmbus OH

    Sarah are these companies willing to hire without UR experience? I have tons of hospital experience, but zero experience with claims review or case management. I am looking for a change, and am interested in UR, are they willing to train? Thanks!!

    Staff latex allergies

    I'm hoping to get some feedback as to how your facility handles latex allergies among staff. I was recently denied an OR position because of my allergy. I was surprised, because I had previously worked in an OR for about 5 yrs with no issue. So now I'm curious if this is standard practice. Any input is appreciated.
  4. I work in a large trauma center. Ideally we are to go to pre op to see the patient, but due to workload and time constraints its often just not possible. I would say its about 50/50 how many nurses do one or the other. And I agree that its a dangerous situation.

    What can you do AFTER being an OR nurse?

    I assume you're asking about post OR careers that are less demanding physically? In our facility we have many nurse clinicians and educators. A few of our product reps are recovering OR nurses also OR nursing is so specialized, but don't know if it would limit future options. You may be able to transition to legal nurse consulting, or IT, or maybe UR/QA. I think you would have quite a few options, especially if you continue your education.

    ER nurse wanting to switch to OR

    I would think being an ER nurse would give you advantage when applying for OR positions. While you don't have direct OR experience, you know how to multi-task, "switch gears", and work under pressure. If I were doing the hiring, I'd be happy to have a nurse with ER experience. As far as the class you took 4 years ago, it certainly wouldn't hurt to mention it. Good luck!!

    Ohio License by Endorsement

    HI BlueJays: I did the fingerprint cards. I went to my local precinct, paid a small fee, and they took my prints. Then I filled them out as per the instructions and mailed them in. If you are already in Ohio for something it probably would be easier to go to webcheck and get them done, but I didnt think the fingerprint cards were too hard to do. As far as the license verification, did you check to see if you are in a Nursys state? If so, you can just go to the website, once a gain pay the fee (haha), and they will send the verification directly to OHBON. Hope that helps!

    Ohio License by Endorsement

    MARN8: I tried to send you a PM, but I can't. Would you mind sharing the application/interview process as an out of state applicant? I am relocating to OH in a couple months and I'm curious about it. Did you have a preliminary phone interview? Thanks!

    Experiences on finding a job in NYC

    Hi Opto: Do you have your BSN? I am not personally looking, but from what I hear most NYC hospital are only hiring BSN's. Maybe try expanding your search to just outside the city also. NJ is just a train ride away... Times are tough right now, I wish you luck. Wendy
  10. NYRNOR

    Weekend ACLS/BLS?

    Does anyone know of weekend ACLS/BLS courses in Suffolk county? My certifications have expired, and my employer will not send me to the recert classes, so I think its time to take matters in to my own hands. Thank you!
  11. NYRNOR

    Wexner Medical Center OR?

    Thank you Hearnursing3. I pay union dues now, so I am used to the unions and all their pros and cons. The overall feedback on OSU has been positive. Its definitley at the top of my list. I will look at OhioHealth too, thanks.
  12. NYRNOR

    Wexner Medical Center OR?

    Thank you notallwhowander, I appreciate the information!
  13. NYRNOR

    Wexner Medical Center OR?

    Hello everyone: I am planning to relcate to Columbus in the next few months and have started to looking at potential employers. I am currently working in the OR, and am mainly interested in Wexner due to proximity to my new home, and I would like to stay in a teaching enviorment. So my question is: Does anyone have any insight to Wexner as a employer? Is it a good place to work? Any information about the OR would also be greatly appreciated. I am open to information about other hospitals in the area as well. Thanks in advance!