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  1. University of Maryland Medical Center

    Hi everyone! I am trying to get an idea of what UMMC pays their RNs. I have 2 years experience and I have my final interview tomorrow. I completely forgot to ask during my first interview what the pay would be because I was so excited about the posit...
  2. University of Maryland Medical Center

    You could definitely give it a shot. Unfortunately, the nurse manager I spoke with said she was only interviewing candidates with psych experience because they tried out a group of new grads a while back and it didn't work out. I know Sheppard Pratt ...
  3. New grad jobs in psych

    I know Union Memorial is hiring for their psych unit and I think they're probably new grad friendly. I interviewed with them last week and the nurse manager seemed nice. I got an offer from Sheppard Pratt about 2 years ago when I was a new grad (didn...
  4. University of Maryland Medical Center

    I got an offer today (yay!) and they are starting me at 26.23/hr with a 13.5% night shift differential M-F and a 31% on weekend nights (I'm working nights and every other weekend). I think it's a little less than other hospitals in the area, but I'll...
  5. Jobs for New ADN Grad RN? Bleak outlook or glimmer of hope?

    Unfortunately, most hospitals in Baltimore are looking for BSNs. I agree with i