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RN-to- BSN has 7 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in SCRN.

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  1. RN-to- BSN

    I’m Out … (Cue Mic Drop)

    I am starting MSN immediately after BSN - in September! I'm almost done with BSN- 2 weeks to go! Theoretically, I could quit, but I'm not there (yet). Dropping to part time, though, I do need health insurance for my 2 kids, and husband enrolling thru his work is more expensive. Also, I still want tuition reimbursement ( 3K/year for part timer).
  2. RN-to- BSN

    How to Stop the Mass Nursing Exodus?

    Agree, our facility received Magnet last year, and so much talk about it, but clinical advancement program (and incentive) was cancelled. It means nothing to me, it felt like things were forced on nurses to become Magnet.
  3. RN-to- BSN

    I don't want to be Charge!

    Good for you standing your ground. Now, I tell them I do not have what it takes to be charge ( in my head it goes more like "not dealing with other staff BS").
  4. RN-to- BSN

    I don't want to be Charge!

    Nope, not stuck doing 2 jobs for one pay. Still refuse. They can fire me if they want, but they did not. I'd rather wash hospital windows under the "other duties assigned". Outside. LOL.
  5. RN-to- BSN

    I don't want to be Charge!

    Refuse. Say no on the spot. They tried to put me as charge a couple of times, no warning, just bam, show up for the shift and there it is, my name in the charge row. I said no, you can't make me. I know how it works, first no patients, then the abuse starts. Tell her from a certain date, you will not accept being charge. Does it say in the job description to do the job of multiple people for one pay? She can manage the bedboard herself.
  6. RN-to- BSN

    Nursing Staffing Post COVID Quagmire...

    Taking some welcome break in the form of maternity leave until end of the Summer. Would not call this a vacation, but hey, no COVIDS until then...
  7. RN-to- BSN

    COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

    agree 100 percent. incentives do work to some degree, so let them offer the darn incentives
  8. RN-to- BSN

    Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

    She seems like she has no regard of your time, her time matters more. I encounter people like that at work, too, the ones who will come in to the patient's room from behind the curtain when they hear me talk, and start talking about things unrelated to this patient. Doctors, social workers, registration, etc. One registration lady interrupted the med pass (door was closed), I literally was spoon feeding pills with apple sauce. She came in, and proceeded to talk to the patient about Medicare form, and then asked me : " Are you finished with the patient yet?" I politely asked her to wait until we finish, so she did, tapping her foot. In the hallway she made a remark about how I am here all day, and she is not, so I should have let her have some time with the patient right there. Again, her time is more important, I guess. Keep the educator in line by asking to not discuss non-patient matters in a patient room.
  9. RN-to- BSN

    Social Skills Should Be a Bigger Focus in Nursing School

    The subject to be taught is effective communication in healthcare and emotional intelligence strategies. It needs to be a side course in the ADN and BSN programs.
  10. RN-to- BSN

    New Grad RN: Should I hang in there or leave?

    Take the responsibility of making an error, don't blame others, but learn from it. What are you going to do differently to avoid it next time? Request to follow one nurse's schedule, to have one (max 2) preceptors. ER is fast paced, and training there will be difficult for any new grad, give yourself some slack. Study, study, study at home. Review cases and rationales.
  11. RN-to- BSN

    Reality Check.

    I wouldn't check the Reddit anymore. Consider going part-time for the time of Master's program. You will most likely have to pay more for health insurance compared to full time, but it's doable. Best of luck! If being a provider is what you always wanted, with enough determination, you will get there.
  12. RN-to- BSN

    Burnout - How long do I have?

    I am sorry the multiple anxieties are getting to you, you sound like a very compassionate person. To get away from daily worries about what the future will be, try to "count your blessings", or remind yourself about the good things in your life. Other posters suggested a therapist, might be a good idea. I am also trying to get away from bedside nursing - goal is in 3 years, or "MSN before 40"(I'm 36). Yes, bedside provides a steady income, but is so tiring and depressing if you let it get to you. Sometimes cannot go to sleep after the shift. I am on maternity leave, so it provides some (welcome) break, and switching to part time in the fall, to focus on kids and school. I suggest to further your education to have more nursing options open, and talk to others about your anxieties.
  13. RN-to- BSN

    HIPAA violation?

    A person hired to round on patients, shadow workers to suggest and script the narration of care. They literally shadow us every 6 months or so and point out the "improvements" we can do to "elevate" patient experience. Yeah, THE most annoying person!
  14. RN-to- BSN

    HIPAA violation?

    Hello! There was a "patient satisfaction" tactic implemented in the hospital where I work on the inpatient unit about 3-4 months ago. A patient who has been discharged to home and AOX4, is called 2-3 days post discharge to ask how are they doing and about the stay wit us, Normally, I would not have a problem with this, but... ...each inpatient nurse is given 1-2 sheets with patient information, and is expected to "familiarize self with patient diagnoses, H&P, discharge summary and medication list before calling the patient". So, basically, find the chart of a discharged patient I have never even taken care of and snoop around it for a while. To me, it's a HIPAA violation. I have been quietly avoiding this practice, tossing the sheets into the HIPAA bin. What do you think? I will add this stems from the "patient experience couches" whom I cannot stand half the time, so I might be biased, haha.
  15. RN-to- BSN

    Getting the Vaccine: Nurses Lead the Way

    I try to avoid educating anyone about the vaccine and offer no opinion on it. Everyone has a brain, decide for themselves.
  16. RN-to- BSN

    How do you guys do it for so long?

    This is the best advice. Separate work from life: say no to overtime, extra shifts, meetings and endless projects. Limit your stress. Be present at work, but set boundaries when you are home. Don't text your manager. Don't let scheduling call you personally asking to come in when they are short. They are ALWAYS short. Live your life first.