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RN-to- BSN has 6 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in SCRN.

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  1. RN-to- BSN

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    Yeah, our hospital system sent out email last night saying: " We are going to ask hospital staff and outpatient locations to wear a surgical mask for the whole shift". Now I will probably need to dip into my mask stash.
  2. RN-to- BSN

    Am I a coward for going on FMLA due to COVID?

    This is true. Especially the managers part. Fake, fake, fake. They say they care, but in reality they care about their numbers. Floor nurses are just bodies that patients get assigned to.
  3. RN-to- BSN

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    Our hospital offers incentive pay to pick right now. Extra 15 an hour, plus if one goes into overtime, then more. I guess one can call it hazard pay.I looked today, and the only openings are on the COVID-19 floor, so no, thank you.
  4. RN-to- BSN

    Unreasonable Risks are not part of the job

    I think that once report is taken, the nurse has to care for the patient. Sadly, also true even if no appropriate PPE. This is why if I am at home, I have no patients, and ignore staffing office when they text: "Help to take care your patients". I have no patients when I'm home.
  5. RN-to- BSN

    Boyfriend wants me to stay away

    I'm sorry, that does make you feel awful. If it was me (personal opinion here!), I would dump the boyfriend. He has the right to be selfish, you have the right to move on.
  6. RN-to- BSN

    Exposed to patient positive with coronavirus

    Yes, sounds about right. This is what management told us as well. We had a man with respiratory symptoms, he later spiked a fever, and THEN it was decided to swab him, but not before the entire staff on day and night shift was exposed helping the primary nurse take care of him (he also has dementia, and is high fall risk). He tested positive. I have no symptoms, but my little daughter does. Is that fair? Nope. Carry on.
  7. RN-to- BSN

    Help!! I made a medication error!!

    I'm sorry, you must be feeling awful. It's common that the nursing STUDENT does not have access to EMR. So they don't mess up the documentation. A student may have access sometimes, but the primary RN will then co-sign their documentation before it becomes a part of a permanent legal record. A student is supposed to be giving meds ONLY when primary RN or instructor is present. Did you know that?
  8. RN-to- BSN

    IM and PO Lasix together?

    I M not I'm. Darn auto corrector is not a nurse. So glad you clarified. The I M is appropriate due to the setting - there are no IVs in the long term setting.
  9. RN-to- BSN

    Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    I was quite shocked at the pediatrician's visit last year, when MD said: " You are very easy going. For a nurse." Seeing my eyebrows go up, she added: "Mom nurses come over with a diagnosis already in their head, and tell me what to do." I muttered something about respect and that I am not a PEDIATRIC nurse, and we left it at that. I guess she sees a lot of difficult mom-nurses.
  10. RN-to- BSN

    Nurse Beth Pops New Grad's Bubble

    Excellent advice, nurse Beth!
  11. RN-to- BSN

    Coronavirus mask shortage

    LOL, the mask IS soiled the minute you walk into the isolated patient room.
  12. RN-to- BSN

    Coronavirus mask shortage

    For droplet isolation one cannot reuse masks. Think about it: you wear the mask, patient coughs/sneezes in the air, it lands on your mask, then while exiting the room you take it off, put in a bag and wash your hands. Upon returning, you reach into the bag to pull out mask and CONTAMINATE YOUR HANDS, and then have your hands close to your nose and mouth while putting the mask on. Wonderful.
  13. RN-to- BSN

    Nurses don't check orders??

    Kardex is not reliable, always check orders. Our hospital switched to EPIC past Saturday, we threw out all Kardexes, so happy!
  14. RN-to- BSN

    Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    Couple of times I've had negative experiences. 1. "Honey, I'm a CRNA with 40 years of experience! I am not a happy camper here!" - patient's wife 2. "I am a nurse, so you don't need to explain it to me, or to my dad for that matter. I will do the explaining for him!"- patient daughter
  15. RN-to- BSN

    What would you do?

    Hi, Same, a BSN does not mean higher pay in my area, just makes a next job hunt easier. My employer is going to pay about 60 percent of my online BSN by he middle of next year. No debt here!
  16. RN-to- BSN

    What would you do?

    Stuck between advocating for patients and doing what management wants me to do, sometimes I feel like I have two layers at work.

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