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no.intervention.required has 5 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in SCRN.

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  1. no.intervention.required

    Reprimand for wanting to Transfer

    Sounds like you are not going to be able to work it out with the old director. Talk to scheduling or time keeper, and ask for any open shifts.
  2. no.intervention.required


    Finished a day at work, where everyone did their job, got raises, and took care some of the most stable patients on the planet. In report, I even heard : we are sending you this lady because she is too stable". The manager was nowhere to be found, and probably was enjoying her early weekend time at home. We didn't get any admissions, just a too stable transfer. I left on time, and my swipe out ding informed me I won a lottery.
  3. no.intervention.required


    Ooh they will understand.
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  5. no.intervention.required

    Questions about morning blood sugars/insulin

    Blood glucose checked after patient orders breakfast. This varies as patients call downstairs individually, no specific time. If npo, by checked q6hrs.. Morning insulin given during breakfast. Any time after patient orders tray, or we order for them. It affects my morning just as if any med pass. Night charge tries not to assign many accuchecks to the same nurse. Although, one time I had 4/4 accuchecks/insulin patients. That was busy work. Recently, they implemented 2AM bg checks, to screen for hypoglycemia during sleep. Patients are not happy with this.
  6. no.intervention.required

    Words of Guidance to New Nurse

    Sure, be open to discuss nursing skills and interventions, but if my preceptee started the conversation with " I was taught ------ way in school", I would have to use a lot of self control, haha, just rubs me the wrong way.
  7. no.intervention.required

    Is 63 to old to start nursing school?

    Yes, realistically, too old.
  8. no.intervention.required

    New Grad RN..made a mistake!!!

    Not a big deal. We see IVs with no extension coming from surgery to my floor. Saw exactly what you described . If I get that in report, I just fix it. You should move on, really, no harm done to the patient.
  9. no.intervention.required

    Words of Guidance to New Nurse

    No, don't say that either. Keep mouth shut is a better advice here.
  10. no.intervention.required

    I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    Where is OP? Suspect that op is looking for a job #8 at this time.
  11. no.intervention.required

    new onset afib

    New onset of afib should be on telemetry floor. If you look thru his meds, if he is already on a blood thinner such as warfarin or xarelto, then afib most likely is not new, and you can keep the patient on medsurg as long as he continues to take his bloodthinners and betablockers.In some cases, due to bleeding risk, patients are only on aspirin and plavix, no heavy duty anticoagulant. Age, fall risk, previous GI bleeds. Call the doctor, and communicate safety concern. Make sure to use the word "safety", that gets people listening. Afib rvr needs cardizem drip, new afib 5needs heparin drip, if rvr, also a cardizem drip.
  12. no.intervention.required

    Primary nurse assessment

    It's not unethical, but I do get where you are coming from. On my floor, the admission assessment and the physical assessment are two different assessments. We often offer to help one another by completing the admission assessment ( just bunch of random questions), and demographic profile. The physical assessment, where you auscultate, palpate, measure, etc.. is usually the responsibility of the RN who took report. The primary RN. No one ever asks another RN to do that, it's not polite. It would be like in that homeadvisor commercial: " if you know and recommend home pros, can you background check them, call them, and book them for me?" I would offer to help with some other RN duties, so she can do the darn assessment herself. And yeah, I would be little offended too. Thank you!
  13. no.intervention.required

    Burned Out or Just The Way It Is?

    Hi, I'm sorry that you are struggling so much. Have you tried dissociating yourself from the patient's problems? It helps to look at those problems as THEIRS instead of OURS. Look, the bottom line here is nurses will always have patients. Taking on their problems and trying to solve them is your job as RN, and you are not their friend or relative. Sure, there are patients in miserable conditions, the types that self destruct, frequent flyers, etc. Pick the most important problem at the time, and help them, don't get invested personally. Hope this helps.
  14. no.intervention.required

    From Internationally-Trained Nurse to American RN

    That's great! Good for you! I'm an immigrant too, but was a teacher in my home country, so went to the community college here, in the USA, for my nursing. I did have some unofficial training in my teen years, assisting my father (MD) in emergencies and middle of the night house calls, interacted with his nurses alot. I find that a role of RN here is very much different than in old country. There, MD is your boss, and trains you after school. What about France, what similarities and differences did you find?
  15. no.intervention.required

    Useless Shift Report Information

    Haha, true, for me, decent report is somewhere in the middle of " they're still breathing" and "they had crispy baked fishe for lunch yesterday".