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  1. chadprepton

    REINSTATED!!! And it. feels. good.

    After waiting for over 2 years my license was reinstated on Wednesday! Completely reinstated - no probation - no restrictions - no OIG list problems. It's done! I know there would be no way I could have done this without the work I put into my recovery and getting honest about that fact that *I* am the problem and have no control over pretty much anything. It gets better - someone told me to start applying for jobs. Within 2 freaking hours of applying I got an interview for the next day! It was happens to be for an outpatient addictions nurse! When I interviewed I realized they never hired a nurse in recovery. I had to get honest again. But in front of 3 nurses that are not in recovery (but at least work with people like me lol). Man I tell ya, that whole getting honest thing changed the mood real fast. I could tell they got nervous asking me questions about my drug use and my recovery . So I told them everything. And the execute director loved it! Said it was help the team and the patients to have a professional in recovery. Ended up being a two hour interview, references given, and I'm going to shadow the staff all day Monday. It will mark the first time I pull out my scrubs. And what's something I'd never thought I get in my wildest dreams on top off all of this. NO WEEKENDS/HOLIDAYS!!!!!! I've never cried when my father died. But I keep getting choked up thinking about how this finally happened! The people in my network, my nursing friends, and my friends who are not addicts freaked out like THEY got their nursing license! I didn't know when I started the process if this day would ever come, but it did. And now I get to help other addicts. If you are waiting, it will happen. It's not going to end when you want it to. It will end when it's met too. Everything I've gone through clean someone else has, or worse. A friend of mine did not get to see his kids for TEN (10) years. Big biker dude that looks like he would stab you but is the nicest guy. He got to call them after 9 years but still didn't like him. He stayed clean all that time. And then, after 10 years, he got to visit them grown up. And now, after another year, they want to live with him. And he stayed clean during the whole freaking time. I have no idea if I could do that, but if he can do it and still work the program of NA I don't have an excuse. So this huge biker gang guy (yes he was actually in one and got out) who changed his thinking and his life, is hugging me and *crying* because he was so happy I kept working the program too! Thats the type of joy I'm around by being in recovery. It didn't happen until I did the whole thing and went in 100%. Not just show up to a meeting because I was told. And I know, I know. I will hear the same stories every single day of my life. People say they are not an alcoholic or an addict, that the process isn't fair, that they only did it once, and complain - complain for years about how terrible it is that they have to deal with this and live in the problem. GREAT - you can complain and we will listen. Let me know how it works out for you. If you get what you want out of life and if people want to be around you. I know I don't want to be miserable and complain. And you don't have to either. You could find another way. When the pain gets bad enough we try something different. Have a great weekend!
  2. chadprepton

    Reported to NPDB

    A remark on someone's license is permanent. The OIG exclusion list is not in many cases.
  3. chadprepton

    TPAPN and homehealth

    It will really depend on the company.
  4. chadprepton

    Light at the end of the tunnel?

    You can do it!
  5. Well, okay then. catsmeow1972: You're telling me when you self-reported it wasn't confidential at that point? When did I say anything close to something like"these programs are the greatest thing since sliced bread."? I'm well aware they are not. Its better than not being a nurse though. KalipsoRed21: You don't have to trust the BON. I stated what their intension was, mainly not to protect us. Persephone Paige, ADN: Never said it was ethical. "Saying that we deserve this is just some glorified brown nosing" When did I say we deserve this? Dirtyhippiegirl. Yes, my friend met jail and he's also been in prison. He mentions it for perspective. As my perspective goes I'd prefect monitoring than not working at all. Of course I could be in jail/prison with no way of making money, and not being a nurse. You're telling me that jail is better than working as nurse for you? I have endured the finical hit just like many people. I have kids. I have a mortgage. I have student loans. People can feel any way they want. I guess I begrudged you because I said it was interesting? Which state doesn't have a monitoring program?
  6. It's interesting to me how people use the words 'punishment' and 'sentence' when it comes to these programs and monitoring. All of it stays confidential and you keep you license in most of them. I'd do anything to be back in a program like that. Being a nurse isn't a right its a privilege. At the end of the day, no matter how angry or upset you might be, the nursing board and the monitoring program are there to protect the public - not you. I was talking to a friend about what I'm dealing with and he said "you ever been in jail?"
  7. chadprepton

    Probation violation with PEth test

    I'm wondering if you got your license back? I'm very confused as to why people and/or are upset over the board taking action when you drank.
  8. chadprepton

    One time thing

    I see a lot of posts mentioning how one instance placed nurses into monitoring programs. I see (and can definitely understand) tons of talk with the cost and time of these programs. Given that this forum states its about addictions and recovery I was wondering about those nurses who feel like they shouldn't have been placed in monitoring. Does anyone's story have nothing to do with drugs? I'm only asking because I haven't met anyone under contract in which drugs had nothing to do with their story. People mention about their state being 'cookie cutter' and I guess thats referring to the terms of the monitoring contract? And for those who had a one time thing: What's your experience being forced to go to 12-step meetings? Have you ever tried to work one of the programs? Or in the process of going, change your views?
  9. chadprepton

    Experience with NC alternative program?

    So how did the hearing go?
  10. chadprepton

    TX new grad with stipulations

    While this is a common stipulation not every nurse will have it. Each state works a little differently and if that's not on your agreement, then you don't have the stipulation. The words I would look for is 'supervision of another licensed nurse' or something along those lines. It's pretty hard to land a job before you even have a license at least in my area, but possible. I had an offer waiting since I was a CNA in a hospital and they paid for my classes. A friend of mine did a lot of networking and found one before passing. If you like a certain speciality of nursing look into any groups of nurses in your area you can talk to. Let them get to know you. That way you will "know someone" before walking in the door. You can do it!
  11. chadprepton

    How to find addiction psychiatrist for board eval???

    Its so strange my state never had me do an eval. Maybe it was because by each time I talked to them I already was in an IOP? I know the 2nd time (and getting kicked out of the monitoring program) the director of discipline came to my IOP to face to face talks with my therapist. Still, for me it wasn't about the eval but figuring out how not to make a mess of my life.
  12. chadprepton


    If you reported it correctly and they have accepted it then why would you worry? I've had to be on medications and gave the proper documentation with no problems. Also, you can always double check with your program the more you communicate the more you show you are being proactive with nothing to hide. Good luck!
  13. Never said you did...I spoke about myself r/t being miserable and demons.
  14. Real talk: Have you ever tried to honestly take responsibility for what you did and tired something different? I would be such a miserable person if I didn't deal with my own demons.