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  1. JasonHersh

    CCAC Spring of 2015 Admissions

    Hi everyone! I'm applying to CCAC for the spring of 2015 admissions cycle. My first choice of campus is Boyce day, but I must say I am a little nervous about the admissions process. I was accepted in Boyce Campus OTA program in the spring of 2014 (sort of a mid-life crisis type thing, unsure whether nursing was the right way to go with my career) but their system of weighting points and such is much different than the nursing program. Any input on the process, how the points influenced your GPA, or the program in general are greatly appreciated! Thanks guys and good luck!
  2. JasonHersh

    UPMC Mercy School of Nursing -Class of '15

    Got accepted a few weeks ago! Excited to meet the rest of the 2015 class! Congrats to all accepted :) See you at orientation in Mid-June