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  1. How do you go about looking for a job?

    Will be graduating soon, will looking for a job in primary care after I pass my boards. Wondering if you all had advice on how to go about looking for a job?
  2. That's awesome, I hope to read Robbin's Pathology eventually as well.
  3. For NP School, we had Buttaro Primary Care, did any of you read that in your programs? I am wondering how comparable it is to Cecil's Essentials of Internal Medicine. If any of you read Cecil's Essentials, how did it compare to your NP texts if you r...
  4. We should do Cadaver Labs!

    I am a nurse practitioner student and one thing I really want to do is to go through a cadaver lab. My nursing school and NP school has zero cadaver opportunities. Everyone I know who had the opportunity said it was really helpful to visualize the 3D...
  5. For Primary Care, can an NP ever be as skilled as an MD?

    Thanks for all the responses, a natural follow up question would be what should an NP be doing to improve their clinical skills to be as good as an MD/DO?
  6. I remember years ago that there was all this talk about when they were beginning to really push for DNPs in the late 2000's and early 2010's, there was talk about a certification exam that would be similar to the physician USLME step 3. There were de...
  7. Perhaps after years (or decades) of practice, do you think an NP can be as skilled in providing primary care as an MD? Or will the NP forever be lacking something for not going to medical school?
  8. Any advantage that AGNP has over FNP?

    Is there any advantage that AGNP has over an FNP. I'm talking specifically about outpatient care (not an ACAGNP). It seems to me that when it comes out outpatient or primary care, FNP just seems the objectively better option. If you want to work with...
  9. Aspiring Christian & Nursing student

    Hey there, thanks for sharing! Nursing in or of itself will not being you closer or farther away from God. God can use your profession (whatever it is), to advance the Kingdom, but your profession will not be the source of your spirituality. If you ...
  10. How do I become stronger clinically?

    I work on a surgical floor (with occasional medical patients), for a bout 2.5 years now and there are many colleagues on my floor whom I admire very much. They seem to know so much about everything, able to talk to physicians, PA's, NP's on their lev...
  11. Hey everybody, I am an RN on a Med/Surg floor working there for about 3 years. I've been thinking of eventually pursuing to become an Adult-Gerontology NP to work in primary care (I've thought about FNP, but I really have no interest in caring for k...
  12. Need help finding next career

    I really appreciate the quick replies. I feel very fortunate for my job because I hear all the time of nurses who dread going to work. I like the patient population mainly because I can have conversations with them, have a sense of humor, and make t...
  13. Need help finding next career

    I'm 29 y/o and I've been working as an RN on a surgical floor for a little over 2 years. This has been my first and only nursing job since graduating. I actually really do like my job. I think the work environment is healthy, my bosses are very suppo...
  14. I am starting to get depressed

    I just finished my second week on my own after orientation on the surgical floor. Definitely certain days are better than others. I'm feel I'm starting to get depressed from my work. There's just so much I don't know and I don't know what I don't kno...
  15. Off orientation, feeling lost

    I just had my first night on my own after orientation. I was completely overwhelmed and I feel pretty depressed. I'm happy to hear that this gets better over time, my goal is to evaluate how I did the previous shift and find a different way of doing ...