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  1. I remember years ago that there was all this talk about when they were beginning to really push for DNPs in the late 2000's and early 2010's, there was talk about a certification exam that would be similar to the physician USLME step 3. There were debates within nursing about whether we should have the exam or not. The National Board of Medical Examiners NBME who runs the USLME was supposedly involved in making this test. Now when you google this, nothing comes up, just old articles from during this time frame. I guess the effort died?
  2. Perhaps after years (or decades) of practice, do you think an NP can be as skilled in providing primary care as an MD? Or will the NP forever be lacking something for not going to medical school?
  3. alexamasan

    Any advantage that AGNP has over FNP?

    Is there any advantage that AGNP has over an FNP. I'm talking specifically about outpatient care (not an ACAGNP). It seems to me that when it comes out outpatient or primary care, FNP just seems the objectively better option. If you want to work with only adults, then I can understand, but FNP at least gives you more opportunities if you want to change your targeted population later on.