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  1. How do I find out Hosp. specific TB stats??

    I was hoping that there was an easier/quicker way. I've already waded thru' the "wonder" site at the CDC's website, only to find that it was much less specific than I need. I was really hoping that someone out there knew of a kind of 'back door' rout...
  2. How do I find out Hosp. specific TB stats??

    I'm guessing that'd be because he's not charging me for his representation. He's a member of my union (AFSCME) and has taken a lot of time out of his already very busy schedule to help me w/out charge.
  3. I recently had an exposure to TB that I am 99.99999% positive occurred while I was working. I am hoping that one of the I.D. Nurses can help me figure out how to get some pretty specific statistics about hospital acquired TB infections that my empoye...
  4. Tuberculosis Exposure

    I may be wrong about this, but if you're talking about the type of TB test that I'm assuming you're talking about, seeing a "huge" reaction on someone's arm means next to nothing. All kinds of things can cause a large red or bruised looking area at t...
  5. Tips/tricks on taking blood pressure

    I'm just a PNA (psych NA) but I've picked up afew chops over the years...Here are acoupla' tricks that always helped me: 1)Remind yourself to BREATHE. Normally, that is...too many newbies hold their breath, or try too hard to breathe quietly, or to h...
  6. Hi-My husband went to the ER w/pneumonia about three weeks ago, and was sent home w/antibiotics and a note saying that he was to return to work the next day. He did, but ended up going back to the ER after a few hrs of work because he was coughing up...