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Hi-My husband went to the ER w/pneumonia about three weeks ago, and was sent home w/antibiotics and a note saying that he was to return to work the next day. He did, but ended up going back to the ER after a few hrs of work because he was coughing up large quantities of blood. They took films and did some blood tests, then sent him home again.

W/in acouple of days, our family doc called and said that the tests/films had shown some serious issues, and to come back in for more. My husband did, and among other serious issues (unknown "masses" on the gallbladder and lymph nodes on his neck, lesions, cysts, and "minor" emphysema of the lungs, etc.) he had also tested positive for Hep C exposure.

My issue/question is this: We both work for a University. I work in Nursing at a Hospital, and he works a temporary job at one of the dorms. It is my benefits that provides the insurance that pays for our medical needs.

Both of us had previously been tested for Hep A/B/C and had been found to be clean w/in the past two years. I'm not sure where he acquired it, and I haven't been tested yet.

My concern is this: I know that Insurance companies can deny coverage if they feel you have been untruthful in your application. Fortunately, I was tested when I got this job (the one that gives me these benefits) at the Hospital, and I tested clean. We both have proof that we were clean when I applied for benefits. However, I worry what will happen if I am tested and come up positive. Can my medical insurance benefits be denied/changed? Can they deny/change them due to my husband's new status? If I don't get tested, does the Insurance company have a right to deny/change coverage? Since my husband is on my benefits, and he tested positive at the Hospital where I work, can/will the Insurance company be informed?

Anyway, I'm guessing that anyone can guess any of the other questions I might have. I'm terrified: having just found out that my husband might be seriously ill (the Drs are all very, very uncomfortable about the "unknown masses" on his gallbladder/lymphs) I am very well aware that we may desperately need this coverage in the very near future. I don't know what to do. I would like to know if I am also now positive, but worry that I may lose coverage if I do or if I don't get tested.

Can anyone offer me any advice?


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We can not offer medical advice. The best thing to do is call your insurance provider. Sorry this is happening to you and your husband.

Also, if you both were Hep C negative when you started with the insurance company and were truthful about test results then no the company shouldn't deny coverage. But again this is something you need to discuss with your insurance provider

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I am really sorry but we are unable to offer this kind of advice on this board.

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