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  1. waitingfor

    Washington Hospital Center Nurse Residency 2019

    Depends on the residency. I read some that require or prefer GPA above X.
  2. waitingfor

    Washington Hospital Center Nurse Residency 2019

    Good question...I also applied..
  3. waitingfor

    Duke New Grad Residency Summer 2019

    I received the request for video interview pretty much the same day within 20mn but I think it was after I have sent the 5 references emails since I did that right away. Did you get the interview request yet?
  4. waitingfor

    WGU Los Angeles October 2013

    I am shocked Azun of your excellent scores and your admission status! On top of holding a bacjelor and being a Cedar employee! Definitely more than the cut off of 81 and 3.4 GPA. I did mot get in with a 4.0 gpa & 84 Teas. I presume CNA/EMT experiences are a big boost.
  5. Oh that is awful! Hearing all of this sort of behind-the-scene-after-the-facts infos which hopefully can help future applicants. Realistically yes it is a tough cut off: about 10% of applicants who gets to be chosen from is a very challenging number. I read from this past cohort at Cedar a person was admitted with less than 3.5 GPA and less than 80 in TeAS. Go figure their selecting criteria!
  6. Oh man after hearing that you guys have tried many times makes me nervous as this was my first application to WGU and trying again for the next cohort in Pasadena as I did not get in. I was accepted to all the other programs i hve applied for but declined because of WGU. After reading your experiences i feel i will be wasting my time. I had a feeling Cedar would be super competitive with a high applicant pools ( we have to remember we are also Competing with the RN who works there, since Cedar is a partner for employee education, offering tuition discount). I have a science GPA of 4.0, with a bachelor (3.8 cumulative) and healthcare experience. So i thought i was a good candidate, Even with a TEAS of 84. But i think it was too low for Cedar, the competitive score was 90. I am planning on retaking the TEAS to get a higher score (i have over 90 in all except math section that brought the score down). Have you applied to the Pasadena cohort last time? Or anyone retrying again for Pasadena? I heard their cutoff TEAS is a little bit lower according to the pool of applicants scores (78). After declining the other programs i really dont see sending new applications with them, so WGU is really my only resort.
  7. waitingfor

    CSUCI Nursing Program in Goleta

    Hi, i see no one has responded to the question. Have you applied yet? I have applied and wanted to see who else will be waiting for decisions for spring 14.
  8. waitingfor


    Yep they tansferred fine. Got accepted to all the programs i have applied with them, and the ones i am still waiting for acceptance took them.
  9. Thanks jcarson06 for the info. I wonder how many applications they have received for this cohort. I heard they got 75 for the last one. I am super duper nervous since this is my last resort as I had to decline 3 other admissions to put all my bet on this. good luck everyone!
  10. Maybe those were the people on the waiting list? I read somewhere about certain deadlines (ie tuition payment, interview, paperwork) that needs to be me by the 22nd of september, or one month before the start of the cohort. I think we should hear sometimes next week or 2 max. Someone correct me if i am wrong.
  11. waitingfor

    MSMC ABSN vs WGU Nursing program

    I know my reply comes in too late since MSM has started. I got in msm absn and just applied to WGU. I had the same dilemna but decided that one year is too short to learn all that needs to be learned to be a skillful nurse. I work in the ER and there is a major difference btween passable nurse and very knowledgeable ones. In addition, i prefer independent studies, i learn faster on my own and i temd not to like going to lectures. For people who has gone through 4 yrs of higher esucational formation, what she or he needs is to learn the trade skills of nursing. Wgu is clinical intensive, 1-1 with a nurse. I dont mind doing 2.5 yrs with a better chance at passing the nCLex, having less loan to pay back, still keeping a Job and not to have to go through hell and stress that an accelerated program will give you!
  12. waitingfor


    Hi Nursinggirl11 I have taken 5 classes at iSP and got 4 As and a B which was in chemistry 1 the first ISP class taken. Bad idea because it is a tough class to start with in order to get used to this type of accelerated program but i got an A in chem 2. Good idea on the other hand becaus eit made A&P 1,2 look like a breeze! It is doable, although it is not for everyone. If you are the type of person who prefer independent study and a fast learner, you will do well. You can still pass the classes even though you are not. It is a lot of money but it is a time savior. Done with all my science prereqs in 6 months!
  13. Hello world, Anyone waiting for decisions since deadline for this cohort at Cedar Sinai has passed? I declined admissions to 3 reputable programs for this one so i am nervously waiting. Would love to hear & wait with nervous and potential cohort-mate.
  14. waitingfor

    Charles Drew University ELMSN FAll 2013

    Good luck and congrats! I got in but declined te tuition is too steep for me. So whomeer on the waitlist got my spot! Congrats!
  15. waitingfor

    Concordia University ABSN Fall 2013

    I received an email for an interview . You should be getting it. I got into another ABSN program in LA too but it is more costly although definitely more reputable. Well, i dont really care about the name, i sont want to pay the money for a "name" and be workin to repay for that name. I thought really hard about this but my cousins, both ER docs, said that in this industry, where you go for nursing school is not as important as your rn experiences, training, nclex etc. Unlike law, in which you have to be top xyz at one of the top schools. I just want to pass the nclex so what i have been looking to compare program is the nclex passing rates for the school i was applying for. Apologies for typos and errors, sent from iphone.