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  1. Swedish is aggressively looking for Acnp
  2. NucRN

    National University SD BSN Cohort 45

    Wow! Cohort 45!? Graduate of cohort 21. Good luck to all who got in. I remember the process and how stressed I was then. Just a small tip for you guys...form multiple study groups if you like but make them small. I'd say a group of 4-6 is cool. Keeps you motivated studying with a consistent group.
  3. NucRN

    Anticoag RN

    There's an Anticoag RN job at a local cardiology clinic. Just look on one of the job search engines. I know they will consider new grads.
  4. NucRN

    New Grad Jobs

    Heard someone say the VA is really short staffed.
  5. NucRN

    OHSU ABSN-MSN/DNP Midwifery 2016

    You can apply before the prerequisites are done, but they have to be completed before the program starts.
  6. NucRN

    OHSU ABSN-MSN/DNP Midwifery 2016

    MSN and DNP students take the same core courses. DNP students normally take an extra online 700 course. It definitely is more time consuming to do the DNP, so don't even consider working full time and doing the DNP at the same time.
  7. NucRN

    OHSU MSN Applicants 2015

    Just want to give some background information for those that got accepted into Ohsu and another school. I'm a native Oregonian. Some things to consider is cost of living. It's definitely cheaper to rent here compared to Ucsf, but more expensive than Austin I suppose. Most likely you will need to take public transportation. Depending on where you live, if you are able to find an affordable apartment, that is, it will take you about an hour for public transportation. If you want to park on campus, it's 13/day. It's nice to do clinical rotations at this university hospital. Most of the clinical rotations are done at the hospital. Mental health students may have clinical rotations at smaller clinics around Portland. The majority of professors already have a PhD or DNP. I'm not a fan of professors that teach, have a full time clinic job and are pursuing their decorates at the same time. All of the programs take the first few classes together...Health Assessment and Pharmacology to name a couple. Anyhow. Hope this info helps some of you decide which program you would like to do.
  8. Clinic work is the best. The pay is not as high as hospital work and the benefits are not so great as well, but the work and environment is definitely more laid back.
  9. An ACNP program will allow you to have clinical rotations in various specialties such as the ones you mentioned. As such, you could potentially be working in a more specialized area. FNP programs have specific course that allow the graduate to work as a primary care provider. However, my clinic hired a new grad FNP for the heart failure clinic.
  10. Patho, pharm and Heath assessment is built into my program, although the school does allow a student to take it ahead of time. I definitely would rather take these ahead of time. Taking pharm and physiology II right now. Physiology is the hardest of the three courses. Health assessment was very similar to the course for the RN program. Physiology mainly covers info at the cellular level. So if you are good with cellular biology, then patho won't be so bad.
  11. NucRN

    Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Outlook

    Job outlook should be good. In the NW, there's a limited number of cardiologists for so many patients. Mid level providers are needed to help manage chronic conditions like heart failure. I've worked with many many cardiologist as an RN, and they just want to mess with this kind of stuff. They usually defer to the NP or PA.
  12. NucRN

    When is D5NS IV solution given?

    Just went over this stuff in pharmacology. D5 is definitely given for NPO status. I also agree with changing combinations based on electrolytes.
  13. I actually put my two weeks notice in when I got accepted to grad school. My employer asked me to stay and work part time with hopes of me working for them as NP when I pass my exam. I am sure your assumption is correct with regards to who would get hired based on RN experience.
  14. Definite hot topic with lots of opinions. I enjoy reading these comments, even if some are less positive than others. Good luck to those who still wish to pursue a graduate program.
  15. NucRN

    DNP is Time Consuming

    Oregon health science university. The program outlines are on the website for each program. The best thing you can do now is to take pathophys ahead of time. That will make your first term easier.