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  1. eacue

    Figuring End Date

    Why so afraid of directors, I see that a lot, people afraid of charge RN's, directors, and CNO's etc. Do you not realize that most of them are bullies, they go after these positions just to be "IN POWER". Whats the best way to deal with a bully, stand up to them. You stated your end date, your reason for resignation, and that's it. What she does or doesn't do with the schedule is not your problem. I personally would start sending emails in writing with HR copied on all of them. I would ask for clear definitive answers period. They are just people relax.
  2. eacue

    Pt confidentiality

    wow I think all of you just got trolled lmao.
  3. I understand your pain but unfortunately most managers don't want to hear why you are struggling they only want you NOT to struggle. I would make sure and get everything in writing and I would reply to everything in writing. My manager knows that any conversation she has with me I request in writing so I may reply in writing therefore it is official. What you wrote was actually impressive and I would consider sending an email to your DON as a response to her evaluation. Other than that, being a new grad I would say don't take it personal. I train new grads in the ER all the time, and the first thing I tell them is leave the tears and drama at the door. We are professionals and nothing I tell you is personal its just the career we have chosen. I always remind them that this takes time to master maybe even a few years before you will be comfortable with most critical procedures. The most important teaching I do is actually how to stand up to management and other RN's who find it enjoyable to put down new grads. I have been told by my preceptees that this has prevented many a crying episode because now they walk around with confidence enough to not take any !@#$ from anyone.
  4. eacue

    Everyone is white?

    I am posting this because I need some feedback. I work at a SW Florida hospital and well just like the title says, everyone is white lol. The entire executive team, all the board members, and to be honest, in a department with over 50 employees, I am the only minority. The hospital has this website where staff can post questions to upper management and then they post an answer. I am tempted to ask why the disparity however to be honest I am afraid that I will be terminated if I do so. Has anyone else experienced this kind of discrimination and if so did you speak up about it? Please don't ask me what hospital or what department as I have to be anonymous for fear of retribution.
  5. Yes buy plenty of depends cause you are going to *** your pants for at least the first six months if not more. I know I went through about fifteen cases in my first week. Peds is different than anything else, its very hands off, less is more approach by most of the docs. We don't start lines unless the doc orders it. And remember despite the fact the patient is a sick kid, if you keep the parents happy your golden. Don't ever ever ever laugh or joke during a pediatric code, you would be surprised how often that happens during adult codes.
  6. eacue

    Help! New grad ER nurse, leaving before year mark?

    I didn't read any of the other posts but I did med surge for 6 months right out of school, got placed on suicide watch by my wife, transferred to the ER and its been paradise since. It is YOUR career and YOUR life, you tried ER, you don't like it then bounce with no regrets. I would youtube different departments and you will see Rn's that have made videos about how ICU vs ER vs Floor vs CM vs flight and the list goes on and on. that may help, best on luck.
  7. you get whatever shift is available when hired, then you stay on that shift until YOU request a change or your manager may offer you one but that is rare. In the US you have much more control of your schedule. I have never seen a hospital that operates the way yours did.
  8. eacue

    new ER Nurse looking for a mentor

    Hi, only be an RN 4 years, but all ER, working in pediatrics and adults. I will also help in any way I can. If you PM and I don't reply right away be patient I don't look at this site everyday.
  9. eacue

    AN - be honest....do I suck as an ER nurse?

    I wouldn't worry about it, your probably doing such a good job in your assignment they don't want to move you. Remember charges and managers love it when they can stick the same person in an assignment knowing they will handle it and not bother them all shift. I've had the problem my entire career. I basically had to buy my time and shine when I finally got into a critical room. Since then I do nothing but traumas, codes, pediatric codes, strokes, etc. Let me tell you something... I AM OVER IT!!!!!!!! I pray everyday to be back in fast track and triage everyday lmao. Becareful what you wish for!!!
  10. eacue

    Need opinions on difficult code

    Based on the OP, it would be hard to tell immediately why the patient crashed, they could have had a bleed, septic shock, heart failure, I mean who knows. However I must ask, if the patient was in PEA, why did you give succs? according to your post the pt was already dead. This reminds me of a time I went to a code on the floor and primary RN said pt is in Asystole and charged the zoll, she was quickly asked to leave the room. Another time during a code the pt's belly was about to blow and I warned my coworkers, the PA running the code offered us Zofran...she was also asked to leave the room. I think your ER needs to run some mock codes TBH. You don't give a paralytic to a patient that's already dead, honestly an RN should have caught that and stopped the MD. Other than that I wouldn't stress it, sometimes its just that time.
  11. eacue

    what should i do to get emergency experience?

    Get your EMT, phlebotomy. EMT will help but the skills our ER looks for in techs are the following: IV skill gota be on point, including US guided IV's. Know how to do an EKG. Know how to participate in a code. Learn the equipment, u can do this online. Once you have all this...then talk to your ER director, otherwise it will be tough. Now if you are in RN school, don't worry about any of this and just get your license and apply only to ER's, you will get in.
  12. eacue

    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    Well granted for billing purposes sure, that's like a hospital system in SW Florida is currently being sued for billions because they were billing inpatient when the patient was a hold in an ER bed. I am not that familiar with billing etc, however I was told by a colleague in accounting that they cannot bill inpatient if they are an ER hold and physically in the ER. I think this is a lesson learned for everyone, don't hang yourself out on a limb cause when you look around you will be only one there and there will only be one rope. Your coworkers are just that, coworkers, they will not ever back you if there is a risk of losing their job, family first. It sucks for Julie but based on my own personal experiences I would have kept my mouth shut, taken the patient and kept on paying my mortgage. Ill let someone else be the hero.....
  13. eacue

    Why the double standard.

    I have read and seen that the topic of sexual battery has been covered however I will reinforce, as a male ER RN it is my biggest fear, especially with a pediatric female patient. Remember once the accusation flies, there is no recourse for us, we are guilty outright without due process, we get suspended even arrested and our reputation is tarnished forever even when we did nothing wrong.
  14. eacue

    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    I work in an ER and have only worked Med surge for a year at the beginning of my career, 0 ICU experience, I would hope that the people judging this poor RN have actually worked in an ICU. I personally worked for Plantation General hospital, which is the sister facility for Westside, also owned by HCA, and in the ER it was this bad before I left. J-loops ran out so we were told to just hub with picc line caps that were not in the picc packet. OK, then we ran out of those, so we were told to hub the IV with a 3ml syringe, so we resourceful ER RN's...began to open those really expensive picc line kits and taking the caps and tossing the kits. This went on for two days before they decided to order us more J-loops. HCA is a disgusting hospital system, Julie if your reading this... getting fired sucks, but count your blessings. Now the one part I don't understand is why floor RN's are all bugged out about acuity and ratios. In the ER we are 5-1 regardless of acuity. I routinely have 3 ICU level patients on drips even sedated and vented. Plus my other 2 patients which are ESI 3's. 4 and 5 ESI the main ER never sees. Now granted I am not caring for this patient for 12 hours but when we have holds, we don't get floor ratios so please help this ER RN understand what is the big deal.
  15. I am currently a student at Dade Medical College in Miami Florida, not to be confused with Miami Dade College. Dade Medical is a small private startup ASN-RN nursing program. One of those that pretty much takes anyone that can pass the TEAS. I did my prerequisites at a four year University but because I didnt take college serious until my thirties my passed haunted me and I was unable to get into an established RN program at a university. I checked the schools status on the DOH website and it says approved. My concern is will I be able to go on to a four year university for a BSN? My goal is Nurse anesthesia however I want to make sure I am not wasting my time in this school, which is not very good to begin with. I pretty much teach myself everything. any advice is appreciated
  16. Hello, new to the site and the profession, just finishing fundamentals 2 and going to my first clinicals. Male nurse here worried about job placement upon graduation. Yes I know, worry about graduating and licensure then the job but I can't help but be concerned with the large influx of new nurses into the workforce. My plans are ICU then on to CRNA school. My question is, how hard is it to get and ICU position fresh out of nursing school? Will writing letters to hospital directors with my intent to apply upon graduation help? Any help is appreciated.

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