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  1. I am an PRN ICU RN, and I feel like I am not part of the team. I have 2 young ones at home which is why I changed to an PRN status, but I feel guilty every time I have to say no to help my floor out especially with Covid and knowing my fellow nurses r picking up shifts left and right and our at times very short staffed. Some of those nurse also have kids but they still manage to pick up. I am thinking of quiting all together because of the anxiety and guilt. My husband does not understand.
  2. I wk in the icu, and as much as I try not to lift, turn patients i find myself still doing this task and even with help i still feel the strain. My ob suggested a maternity belt for extra support. I want to get a good supportive belt any suggestions?
  3. So i am about 6 months into my RN critical care residency as a new grad on my own. I am finding the following to be frusturating. 1. the reputation of doing a skill is not always. Available, such as IV's. 2. I have difficulty starting new IVs, i do try, but than end up having to rely on fellow nurses for help Here is an example... I had a patient who arrived with only 2 peripheral ivs. Nrw orders. Propofol, amio, sodium acetate, levofloxacin, and flagyl. I know to look up compatability, but when items are not compatible in the same line i feel like i get flustered. I will at that point reach out for help. When i receive help, some are understanding others make me feel like an idiot, as if I should know how to connect the infusions all together. I know how to do a secondary line, i know that you can have 2 different infusions in tbeir own channels and than connect at the port below the pump and that the meds must be compatible, but because i am new i need time to figure out the organization and worry that my mind just does not think,quick enough to be in the. Icu The seasoned nurses know right away. Is their anyway to,improve?
  4. I am on a waiting list for a LPN-BSN program and I am far down on the waiting list. The suggestion was made that I repeat some of my classes to have a more competitive GPA like the other applicants? Would you repeat classes? I already have repeated A/P I and II, can CLEP out of Human Growth and Dev, due to going to a vocational school where Community colleges and universities would not accept my credits due to the accreditation level - don't get me started on that one. Anyway would you repeat classes?
  5. I need help/advice on LPN - BSN (preferred) fast track programs that I can also work part time or prn. I already have a bachelor's degree in another major, have finished my prerequisite classes. I am on Maryville Universities wait list for the WEC LPN- BSN program - however I am being told my GPA is not competitive enough, so I need to look at other options. Please help
  6. This question is for all nurses. I recently applied at Maryville University for their WEC BSN program only to find out I am very far down on the wait list, because the GPA competition is very competitive this year. I spoke with the gentlemen in admissions and he pretty much stated that I would have to retake some of my classes to increase my GPA to move farther up the list. This was very dishearting news, so I need to have a plan B. I already hold a bachelors degree from Maryville, I have taken all of the prerequisite classes that were required for Maryville, repeated classes from my previous vocational nursing school that were not a high enough accreditation level for community and university colleges to transfer. I have been an LPN for 2 years and have been pursuing my education since 2010, I want to obtain my BSN, however I am running into wait lists, currently my GPA is not strong enough, and I only have so much more financial aid therefore I need to find a program that is accredited that allows me to work while I attend school, Maryville fit my needs because it allowed me to work, but with this new news it could be years before I even start. Does anyone have any suggestions of other schools? Should I just get an RN diploma. I do not want to take an online program, I am more of a hands on learner/visual learner. Please help