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  1. IV experience

    I have been an ICU nurse for 4 years. Started nursing career as LPN, got my BSN and went straight into the ICU. I was full time nights, than part time, and currently am PRN. I had 2 kids during that time. My question is I need some more IV experience...
  2. I am an PRN ICU RN, and I feel like I am not part of the team. I have 2 young ones at home which is why I changed to an PRN status, but I feel guilty every time I have to say no to help my floor out especially with Covid and knowing my fellow nurses ...
  3. First time pregnant and wk in the icu

    I wk in the icu, and as much as I try not to lift, turn patients i find myself still doing this task and even with help i still feel the strain. My ob suggested a maternity belt for extra support. I want to get a good supportive belt any suggestions?
  4. So i am about 6 months into my RN critical care residency as a new grad on my own. I am finding the following to be frusturating. 1. the reputation of doing a skill is not always. Available, such as IV's. 2. I have difficulty starting new IVs, i do ...
  5. I am on a waiting list for a LPN-BSN program and I am far down on the waiting list. The suggestion was made that I repeat some of my classes to have a more competitive GPA like the other applicants? Would you repeat classes? I already have repeated ...
  6. I need help/advice on LPN - BSN (preferred) fast track programs that I can also work part time or prn. I already have a bachelor's degree in another major, have finished my prerequisite classes. I am on Maryville Universities wait list for the WEC LP...
  7. LPN to RN/BSN programs in saint louis

    This question is for all nurses. I recently applied at Maryville University for their WEC BSN program only to find out I am very far down on the wait list, because the GPA competition is very competitive this year. I spoke with the gentlemen in admis...