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  1. AutomanRN

    Falsely accused of diverting

    Update I have since been cleared by the hospital, but still being investigated by the BON and mandatory drug/ETOH assessment. Had interview with SCRPP which lead to a hair falical drug test $125, then sent me over 50miles away for the drug/ETOH assessment which at this point no one has told me how much it will cost, and when asked just said depends/not sure. Guilty till proven innocent. Had anyone been through this?
  2. AutomanRN

    Falsely accused of diverting

    I had a Pt accuse me of diverting his morphine because he didn't like me mixing his morphine in NS before administering them, and also because I won't push it fast and flush it fast( he is receiving IVF). SCBON has been notified (not sure if by Pt or hospital) so I am now being investigated by the nursing board, the hospital, and have to register with SCRPP. Drug test will come back negative. Was told that the investigation(BON) was going to look 2yrs back both personal and professional life. Have not been Rx narcs sine 2009, so I am sure that the investigations will come back on my favor, but can/will the hospital terminate me anyway?
  3. AutomanRN

    Why don't you just read the chart?

    There should be a report from the ED nurse to floor nurse, and yes it should be no more than 3 min. At my hospital we are not able to look at the Pt's chart till the Pt hits the floor. We are not allowed to check the chart of assigned Pt while they are still in the ED, or other department. I have been in a situation where the Pt was brought up from ED without report because the nurse forgot to do so. Not fun or safe.
  4. There is a school for RNFA. I would suggest to look into the NIFA at NIFA Registered Nurse First Assisting RNFA RNFA's assists the surgeon with retraction, cauterizing bleeds, suturing, stapling, ext...