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OBGYN, GYN oncology, Urology, IVFInternal medicine
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katerinsols has 4 years experience as a BSN and specializes in OBGYN, GYN oncology, Urology, IVFInternal medicine.

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  1. katerinsols

    What is within scope

    Good morning everyone! I am a OBGYN nurse at an ambulatory clinic, my physician had an emergency delivery and I had to see some of her follow up patients. One of them had a sort of granuloma/skin tag cauterized inside on the vaginal wall just past the vulva and I just had to check if it's healed or any redness and if so she would have to wait for actual doctor. So I used the plastic disposable speculum to take a better look (harder than it looks) I did not go too deep. Everything was fine but I wanted to ask if RNs are allowed to use a speculum on a patient, I wasn't diagnosing, the doctor just wanted me to see if it looked healed, which it did. I tried googling this but only found stuff with sterile speculums or pap smears, those we aren't allowed I know.
  2. katerinsols

    The Influence of the Influenza Vaccine:

    I was never a believer of the flu shot.. I was perfectly fine without one and I understand it's too protect the patient. I don't mind having it took much i guess but it upsets me that it is forced upon us as if we're cattle given steroids.. take it or else no questions asked! Here in nyc you can either take it or wear a face mask for a couple of months. I think I'll try the face mask next season.
  3. katerinsols

    So lost, confused, angry.. future in nursing troubles

    If i was to raise my GPA what could i do? should i raise my pre requisites GPA or my overall? I am not eligible for financial aid and i'm a dependent until 26 and she said she doesn't want to pay for classes anymore. Maybe I'll shoot for LPN if i don't get in.
  4. katerinsols

    So lost, confused, angry.. future in nursing troubles

    The minimum gpa of pre reqs is 2.7. Becoming LPN would be my plan B because i want to start doing something! i want to start working and then take bridge program to become RN. Yea i know.. it's strange then how can people apply to different nursing schools if they are enrolled in one? so confusing.
  5. katerinsols

    How many schools did you apply to?

    guys, medgar evers told me that if i apply to their school i have to be enrolled with them and i can't apply to other schools.. wth.. anyone faced this problem?
  6. katerinsols

    Medgar Evers College (MEC) Nursing Program 2013

    I'm confused, medgar evers said you need to apply to their college and be accepted before they consider you for nursing program, but what if you want to apply to multiple colleges? you can be enrolled in multiple colleges. Plus what would i major in? I talked to lady over the phone and she confused me a lot p.s. and if you don't get accepted and want to try a diff school would it be bad if you drop out?
  7. It's funny that when your in high school you have expectations on what your gonna be doing in the future and deadlines by year or age. I always wanted to go into the medical field so when i went into community college my goal was, take pre reqs for a better college and transfer and i was set on becoming a physicians assistant. Not quite easy.. i ended up staying in that college from 2008 till 2012.. because it took me two tries/semesters to pass my math classes and for PA you need physics and i just could not get it! a lot of my friends were going into nursing and talked about how awesome it will be so i thought this would be perfect for me.(wish i'd thought of that when i just started college, would have been an RN by now) so i finally graduated and i bought a NLN practice book and it's been two months and i opened it only twice, i can't get myself to focus, sit down and study.. I'm used to having pressure and deadlines.. and peer pressure to do well, i work very well under pressure. Then my boyfriends family were upset that i'm not doing anything after graduation so march-april i did an intense job hunting and then last week i realized i missed an application deadline for one of the colleges i wanted to apply to... and a second choice deadline is next week -_- After i graduated i called nursing schools asking when i can take the NLN exam because i wanted to start in fall 2013 and they all said either may or june.. if i knew deadlines were in early may/april it would have been easier to focus and study! i asked when the application deadlines were and they said it's not determined yet. That brought me down even more.. what do i do now? my other choices to apply to are ASA college (which i heard wasn't too great) and maybe medgar evers.. if they pick up the phone for once! I'm gonna be so embarassed telling my mom, friends and boyfriends family that i didn't get into the Associates RN program.. my plan B is LPN but again medgar evers haven't picked up their phones! Also i'm worried about my GPA, my overall GPA was 2.6.. not too great but my pre reqs GPA is 3.0 I have no idea how LPN is like and i'm 24 now and i feel that time is flying by! almost all my friends have bachelors, still looking for jobs but at least they have their degree, and i'm nowhere close! i mean.. how long do you have to work as LPN to be eligible for bridge program to RN? i feel by the time i become an RN i will be 30.. and by that time i already want to have a family. Would LPN job be able to pay bills? eventually i have to move out from my moms.. one of the most annoying things of all of this is my boyfriends family.. ha.. if i become LPN or RN they are expecting me to work as well.. they say well if this person can why can't you. Sure i understand many people can but not everyone is the same, since i was young i've always had trouble learning unlike other kids (dyslexia and adhd sufferer back then) even now when i was in college i always needed tutors and extra study time to catch up with others and the class, i didn't mind i just didn't have enough time for rest let alone a job and they've been pressuring me about this job so much that it brought tension between my relationship as well! if i didn't let this tension get to me so much i wouldn't have missed the deadlines.. ugh.. medgar evers picked up and it's confusing me.. they said i need to transfer to the college and be accepted by it and only then i would be considered for nursing program but its not 100%.. then when i hung up i asked myself.. what if i want to apply to multiple? i cant be enrolled in multiple and what major do i have to pick? and if i don't get accepted i would have to drop out? i come up with good questions after i hang up.. Sorry for long post i just needed to vent and hopefully get some advice =\