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  1. sweetieann

    keeping license current?

    If I "quit" working as a nurse, can I continue to renew my license as long as I do the CEUs? (ie- do I need to work so many hours per month/year/ etc as an RN to maintain my license?) thanks!
  2. sweetieann

    rotating shifts....is this the norm?

    I work 5 days per week and was hired as day/night rotation. This is a typical weekly schedule for me: Monday: 7am-3:30om Tuesday: 7am-3:30 pm Wednesday: 11pm-7:15 am Thursday: "Off" (sleeping all day though since I get home 7:15 am Thursday morning from my Wed. night shift) Friday: 7am-3:30 pm This is happening every week. I knew I'd have to rotate, but this seems a little much. It's really throwing me off. Other schedules have looked like: night, off, D,D, D, off, off, night, off, D, D, D, D, D. Thanks for any insight!
  3. sweetieann

    is this within my scope?

    Hi all: So a tech that I work with gets the Depo provera shot as birth control. She asked if I could gie her her injection next time I see her. Am I legally able to do this? Thanks!
  4. sweetieann

    CPR! quick question!

    what id the AED is say, right beside you?
  5. sweetieann

    CPR! quick question!

    say the AED is right next to you and you witness the patient arrest....you would IMMEDIATELY apply the AED correct? you wouldn't start CPR first and then apply AED?
  6. sweetieann

    CPR! quick question!

    I have a question that, believe it or no, I have gotten various different answers to. If you witness a cardiac arrest, and an AED is immediately available to you, do you begin CPR first or use the AED first? (I always thought that if the arrest was witnessed, you defib first. If it wasn't witnessed, you start CPR first). What are your thoughts?
  7. sweetieann

    med error?

    If I am orienting an agency nurse to the floor over the course of a few days, and she makes a med error at that time, am I liable? She is an RN with active license. Thanks!
  8. sweetieann

    how does this work? (job)

    If I apply for a new job, when in the process does the new institution begin to check references and such? I am anxious about my current job/manager finding out I am applying elsewhere. Also, what if after I interview and see the facility (not in the same health system I am currently at), I decide I want to stay at my current job? I'm afraid by the time I go in to interview, they would have already called to check references and then it will be hard NOT to quit current job and go for new job. Hope this makes sense. Any input appreciated!
  9. sweetieann

    what is your take?

    Pt came in to the emergency room and brought in their meds from home (gabapentin and lithium). Pt got admitted to unit. Pt is to get discharged and asks for their meds back (they were being discharged on these meds). Nurse calls pharmacy to see if unit/admitting nurse had sent them down to pharmacy-which is what usually happens. No record. Nurse calls ER--ER staff says if they have them, they'll call right back. Never called back. Pt is anxious to leave and doctor is calling in all their prescriptions anyway. A few days later, the medications mysteriously appear in the ER (astaff called pharm/the ER again just to make sure they hadn't been found)...Now my question is: what if the pt went to get their scripts filled and the pharmacy/ their insurance wouldn't allow due to their past prescriptions (of the drugs they were on and remained on at discharge) not being due to be refilled? The unit is going to mail the pt their meds back, but what about the interim of days until they get mailed (probably 3 days?) These pills aren't controlled substances. Also, who would be at fault in this scenario? My quess is the ER as they should have sent the meds up with the pt as they are supposed to and didn't. They also didnt return call that meds were down there, even though they were. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
  10. sweetieann

    new job/vacation...advice?

    Hi all: So I am applying for a new job. At my old job, we put in our vacation requests December of each year. So, I currently have a trip in April for a week and then a five day cruise planned in June. The cruise I purchased insurance on, so I'm sure I could probably get a refund if I had to cancel. My question is--how do I present this in an interview? When is the right time to bring it up? And how do you think this is viewed? I don't want to walk in and them think: who is this girl waltzing in here and already talking about taking vacation time? Also, where I am at now vacation time accrues; so at a new place I wouldn't have acrued any time yet? Any advice appreciated. Thanks!:)
  11. sweetieann

    how would I handle this?

    I work at my current job 5days/week. I just applied for a new job. If the new place calls and wants to interview me, I'm really only available certain days due to my working 5 days a week. Would I just tell the new place basically--look, I can come in this or that day? I feel like if I don't come in right after they call, they'll find someone else.
  12. sweetieann

    T-tube care

    Can a pt with a recently inserted t tube shower? Any special things you need to do in terms of that?
  13. sweetieann

    Acceptable BP whilst on antihypertensives

    it's dependent on several things. For instance, someone with diabetes typically the desired BP range is possibly a little lower to preserve kidney function.
  14. sweetieann

    child psych question/med

    In a psych hospital say a pt who was a child was not eating/drinking and thus required an IV. They became very agitated and required a IM PRN med. The parents consented to the med. This might be a silly question, but I am assuming you can give it and NOT need a one time emergency order b/c the child is under 18 so the parent's approval to the med overrides the child's refusal, correct?
  15. sweetieann

    medication refusal

    whispera- could you give a standing IM med against refusal if they were danger to self? Or did you need to get one time emergency order? thanks!
  16. sweetieann

    medication refusal

    thanks for your response! So, say they are on an involuntary commitment and have standing PRN meds---you could give them IM without consulting psychiatrist first or having them write one time order? Just making sure I understand. Thanks!