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  1. Has anyone applied for Concordia and would y'all mind sharing some of y'alls stats? Thank you!!! Pre nursing or people that have already been admitted into the program are more than welcome to respond!!! Thanks :)
  2. I am applying to the BSN program for nursing but I don't know the average acceptance rate for that school. I am freaking out. I took almost ALL the classes I need but I am just freaking out. I need some advice. I had to change the school i was applying to at the last minute so now everything just took a WIDE TURN. I AM FREAKING OUT!! Someone please help me...PLEASE! ANY advice would be awesome.
  3. itsmissjenny

    OLHCC Spring 2014

    Alumni! Or anyone else applying, what is the best advice you can give me to get into the nursing program. Any advice would be awesome!!!