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  1. Should I do nursing or follow my dreams?

    Follow your dreams :-)
  2. Here we go..... I have 24 Class C Misdemeanors...

    Good luck and thanks for sharing your story. "Keep moving, even if you don't want to. As long as you move forward something rewarding will come up..." And you kept moving forward, so I am so sure that a reward is approaching. Trust The Lord he will ...
  3. Anatomy & Physiology I/II Summer 2013

    My hats off to all of you guys. I took A&P I on a regular semester, I found it really hard. Good luck to all of you :)
  4. Passed CNA Exams Today!

    Congratulations and thanks a lot for the advice. I will be taking my final on Tuesday, lab exam on Wednesday and certification exam on Thursday. It's been a great experience, but I can't wait for this to be over so I can relax.
  5. CCC-NP Waitlist-2013

    Congratulations and good luck. Bravoooo you'll rock those nursing classes. I am very happy for you :)
  6. CCC-NP Waitlist-2013

    Thanks so much jan286. Wow, that's a small ratio. You are totally right those cities are so far away. There is no way I would drive that far and addition to the distance I would have to drive to the college, in case of getting accepted, which sounds...
  7. CCC-NP Waitlist-2013

    I am taking CNA classes now. And I was told by a professor that next time I should apply to Northwestern CC she said it might be easier to get a spot, since is far away. What do you guys think? Has anyone applied there before? Any insights will be ap...
  8. CCC-NP Waitlist-2013

    Thanks a lot for the ideas to study for the TEAS V test. By the way I am still waiting for a call, that hopefully (fingers crossed) I get. I keep calling Mary Banks from GCC but can't never get in touch with her. Good luck to everyone.
  9. Congratulations and keep succeeding :) I will be taking mine on June 27th I am already nervous. Thanks for the advice and encouragement.
  10. book required for CNA 1 course.

    Please don't feel discouraged before starting. Believe me is not hard at all. You can do it. If nursing is your goal this is a good way to start paving the path to where you want to be someday. Good luck and enjoy everyday. My hubby always says: "you...
  11. book required for CNA 1 course.

    I am in my second week of CNA 5 weeks program. It was offered by a Community College I attend. I have a book called: "Nursing Assistants." A humanistic approach to caregiving. Third edition. By Pamela J. Carter and a workbook by same author. Same na...
  12. CCC-NP Waitlist-2013

    Of course PLEASE
  13. CCC-NP Waitlist-2013

    Thanks a lot for the info. HelenaHandBasket I admire you for getting a such high score on TEAS, that's was my weakest part on application that's why I couldn't get in I guess. I can never do well on that test. Give me an advice on how to perform bett...
  14. CCC-NP Waitlist-2013

    Are you girls talking about Gateway CC in CT.? I am concerned bc I applied and got wait listed too. However, I am little disappointed since my number is 34/125 I am praying for a miracle. If you know any updates feel free to inbox me. Thanks in adv...
  15. Are You A Victim?

    Very well said it. Thanks for sharing

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