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  1. How many nursing schools are you applying to?

    I applied to 5 schools and got into 3.
  2. A & P final grades are in, what's urs

    That's great! A&P is a tuff class, good job on the A.
  3. A & P final grades are in, what's urs

    Depends on the professor, my anatomy and physiology teacher says she doesn't round. She told our class an 89.9 is a B, but I think most professors do.
  4. Lab partner plagiarized her half of the lab report

    I have the email my partner sent me saying this is her introduction and to let her know how it is with the attachment of her plagiarized introduction. I know there are teachers out there that would say everybody gets a zero but hopefully that's not h...
  5. While doing a group anatomy and physiology lab report, we split it into 3 chunks, each person writing their own part. I wrote the discussion while one girl wrote the introduction and the third wrote results and graphs. Everybody emailed me their part...
  6. Number of schools

    I would apply to all of them but start early. I just sent out my fifth application and have one more to go, but most of the schools I applied to I had to first apply for admission and get accepted then I could send my nursing application. Good Luck!
  7. How many schools did you apply to?

    I am applying to 6 nursing schools, I don't find out if I get into any until June 1st. I would apply to as many as you can.
  8. So... Who else is waiting on that letter?

  9. What was your GPA when you got accepted?

    Yes, I am waiting to see some 3.5-3.6.
  10. Waiting on acceptance/rejection letters

    I am in Western Montana, I applied to many programs in the state, and June feels so far away!
  11. So... Who else is waiting on that letter?

    I have applied to six nursing schools and some of them I find out early June and some late July. I am really anxious, and hoping I get into one! Good luck to everybody!