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  1. 215dean

    Should nurses be able to pull chest tubes?

    I am now an RN in PA. During our critical care semester, in our hospital based school, I, and many of my classmates, did pull chest tubes, with our instructor guiding and teaching the whole way. It was an awesome feeling to snip the sutures and tug on that tube until it came out with that 'shlorp' sound. An amazing learning experience.
  2. 215dean

    What didnt you do in school?

    Your school sounds like my school, I gave Heprin shots in my first semester. Tried a NG tube a couple of weeks ago (three other RN's, including my instructor tried too) but was not able to get it in. The guy who started this string should be asking some really hard questions to his school about why he wasnt trained better. Geeze
  3. 215dean

    From Cop to Nurse

    Hey, one of the guys in my class is currently a cop (25 year vet). He brings his sence ofhumor with him to school and clinical. One of the RNs was answering a question about getting a patient to be more compliant when my classmate said (under his breath, a little) "Taser, it always motivates) The whole station was cracking up. He is a good Nursing student and will make a good nurse, you will too.
  4. 215dean

    Gay male nurse concern about male patient care

    Hey, I have a good friend who has a bustling OB, GYN practice, oh she is a lesbian. The best prostate exam I ever got (that sentance has never been written before, ever) was from a little gay Dr. Be the best you that you can be. Some people wont like you if you walk on water and some won't like you if you cant. So who cares, be professional, I mean geeze, a gay guy in a urology office, I think I can come up with a couple of jokes there. Have fun at work.
  5. 215dean


    Im about to start my third semester. Made it through Pharmacology, that class sucked, nothing but flashcards baby. So far I LOVE nursing school, Ive had some really sick pt's and some walkie-talkies, held the hand of a little old lady who was comming to grips with hospice care. This is hard work and a lot of fun. Your nursing school friends will be friends for life. Enjoy your time.
  6. 215dean

    Not sure this environment is for me

    I too am sorry that you are suffering. Is there a 'men in nursing' chapter anywhere near you? Seak advice and council from any nurse you feel comfortable with. I had no idea I was so lucky, %20 of my class is male and last clinical weekend I worked under a male nurse, there is a guy in my clinical nurse (he is a cop now) and there was another male RN on the floor. Keep plodding along, it will get better!
  7. 215dean

    Why a Nurse?

    I have been a carpenter for 25 years and always felt that something was missing. Then a few days before Christmas a few years ago I was picking up my daughter from a friends house and their grandmother started to fall down the stairs. I scooped her up and walked/carried her up the stairs, made her comfortable on her bed, moved her to the chair becouse she was SOB lying down. She stopped the EMTs while they were carting her out of the house so she could shake my hand. She died that night and I took a prep-cchem class that summer. Now I amd about to finish my second semester of Nursing school in the Philly area. I should have done this out of highschool I love it! 2) 46 -Yea, old enough to be most of your dads. 3) I got in thinking Hospice and Geri. Now ED and eventually teaching in nursing school, you know, when I'm too old to pick up little old ladies, I'm NFL size now. Fortunately, my wife and kids are very supportive and encouraging. See you on the floors!