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  1. Long shifts = Higher levels of burnout

    I prefer longer shifts too. I can't imagine having to go into work 5 days vs 3! I know the shifts are longer but in all honesty the extra four hours aren't that bad.
  2. Is nursing school more expensive in HI?

    Last I looked into Hawaii nrsg schools was 5 years ago. At that time, it was highly competitive though and I'm not sure that has changed. I've always thought of it like this: UHM - BSN, competitive. Need as close to a 4.0 as possible. Price - in stat...
  3. Do I need my BSN?

    Absolutely 100% get a BSN. Athough yes, it looks good on paper, it will open doors for you that an ASN will not. If you have any interest in ever getting away from bedside nursing, you should go back. The only suggestion is finding a hospital that wi...
  4. RN to BSN questions

    I second that you should look at state schools. I got my BSN through a state school even though it was all online it was substantially cheaper than I thought it would be (Part time for 2 years, ~10,000.00) Most schools offer an online option because ...
  5. PBDS Assessment for New Hire

    Anyone taken it recently? I have to take it soon and Ifailed horribly the first time I took it right out of nursing school 3 yearsago (Not that I was only one - I was in a highly competitive fellowship programof 75 new nurses and 55 of us failed!) I'...
  6. Jobs for extremely anxious and shy nurse

    Hi Snowyeyes, First of all, I want to say I know exactly how I feel and to be honest, my anxiety got a lot worse once I started working on the hospital floor (with 5-6 patients). However, having said that, I also gained an insane level of confidence...
  7. I am an RN. When I move to Hawaii I will have been out of nursing school for 5 years and have approximately 3.5 years of experience (some of that part-time but I don't think that matters too much.) My experience is ALL in acute care areas (hospitals;...
  8. RN to BSN, the quickest and less expensive

    Well I did a ton of research on online RN-BSN programs and I don't remember seeing University of Central Missouri! How weird. I really wish I had gone with them - I would've saved myself thousands of dollars!!! I went with UMSL. Avoid Chamberlain and...