PBDS Assessment for New Hire

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Anyone taken it recently? I have to take it soon and Ifailed horribly the first time I took it right out of nursing school 3 yearsago (Not that I was only one - I was in a highly competitive fellowship programof 75 new nurses and 55 of us failed!) I'm a nurse that passed NCLEX with 75questions so I assure you I'm not completely inept.. I just don't test well thisway. I'm terrible at scenarios like that. In the hospital setting I tend toknow so much more about the patient and can't think on my feet better. A 5minute video just doesn't do it for me

Anyway they never made me take it over (not sure why?) Andnow that I'm at a new job I have to take it again for them. I'm not concernedabout failing it because I know they won't fire me (they even said "Don't worryif you fail, It's not a big deal.. You'll just retake it later").. I just don'twant to look like a total idiot and would like to prepare at least a little.

Thoughts on topics/scenarios suggestions to study would behelpful.

So far I've got:

MI, CVA, DKA, ARF, Dig Toxicity (Definitely remember that one)

For anyone who doesn't know: PBDS is an assessment toolhospitals use for new hires. They can generally be split into topics and I willbe taking the Med-Surg one (vs OB, ICU, etc.) There are different parts but themost difficult is 12 or so videos that you watch once and then type everything,in great detal, that you would do. Some of them are obvious but most of themaren't. You say what you think it is andthen write what you would do as well as what you would tell the doctor and whatyou anticipate him/her to tell you to do.



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I'm set to take it Friday

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Im sure it is a great learning tool, but it sounds awful. Good luck.