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conway13 has 6 years experience as a BSN and specializes in CVICU.

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  1. CPAN EXAM!!

    Hi! I was reaching out to see if anyone has any recommendations on how to study for the CPAN exam?!? There is not a ton of info out there and I would love to connect with some people who have taken the exam! Later down the road I will probably try th...
  2. CMC Exam

    Good luck!! Let us know how you do! I’m looking into taking mine too and would love to know what you found helpful for study materials! ?
  3. New peds CVICU nurse... so overwhelmed

    Hey! I went into CVICU (adults) as a new grad. I completely felt like this. I think it is normal! All my coworkers said it is reassuring to hear that new people on the floor feel like this. People who come in and automatically think they know what th...
  4. Thoughts on a new grad RN going straight to ICU?

    I went straight into the ICU as a new grad. Honestly, it's challenging! But ANY nursing job straight out of nursing school is going to be challenging. I'd say if your hard working, open to learning and can cope with stress well, you'd be fine! It's a...
  5. CCRN Exam

    I bought Nicole Kupchik's online review course. It was great, you an go at your own pace and she puts practice questions in the lectures to break them up. I found it super helpful! After the review course, I had already bought her book (It's called A...
  6. CCRN Exam

    Hey! I just wanted to start a thread because there is so little info out there on how to study for the CCRN exam! I took it today and passed but tried to find information about how people studied, what they studied and how long they studied for! Eve...
  7. Mission Trips

    Thanks for your advice, I am not interested in going for a "missional vacation".
  8. Mission Trips

    Hey everyone!! I was posting to hopefully seek some information about mission trips! I want to go on a trip with a few of my nursing friends abroad to volunteer. Does anyone know of any organizations? Or has anyone gone on one? I would love to hear w...
  9. 9 months of nursing & not confident

    Hey! I have been working now for seven months, going on five months of being by myself. I think your feelings are totally normal. I too work on a cardiac unit, its a mixed ICU and step-down. I mostly have step-down patients, or "very light" ICU until...
  10. Capella Flexpath MSN progam

    Thanks, I'll check it out! I was hoping to find an MSN path forum, if you find any let me know! :)
  11. Capella Flexpath MSN progam

    Hi Everyone! I recently got accepted to Capella University's online Flexpath program for Nursing Leadership and Administration. I was hoping other people out there have gone through the program and/or are currently going through it and would be will...
  12. Salem Health RN Residency 2017

    That is so exciting!!! Do you currently live in Oregon? What nursing school did you go to!!
  13. Hi All! I was starting a thread for those of you who applied to the Salem Health RN residency 2017 cohort that starts August 14th! Has anyone accepted an offer?!
  14. UCLA Summer 2017 RN New Grad Residency

    I figured it wouldn't be for awhile! Thank you!!! Seems like a good guess!
  15. UCLA Summer 2017 RN New Grad Residency

    Hi Guys!! I applied to the CTICU and the Step down Med-Surg floors! I just finished my senior capstone in a MSICU where I floated to the CVICU, ED and with the RRT! Good luck to everyone :) Anybody have any idea how long until we will hear about int...