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  1. Depression + Anxiety as a Nurse

    You are not alone. I suffer from the same issues with similar origins. I would freeze during labs when I was being tested. My anxiety would ramp up so much that all I could muster was an autonomic fight or flight response. I was in fear every single...
  2. Getting Angry When Overwhelmed, Need Advice

    I can relate 100%. I work nights on a high-acuity pulmonary floor with vents, chest tubes, feeding tubes, etc. We still manage to get everything else like psych and ETOH, fresh post ops, etc. we are constantly short-staffed and short on techs. Every ...
  3. Transferring positions prior to 1 year in first nursing job

    Rotating shifts are not for everyone, just as days vs nights are not for everyone. If you interview for other positions in the system, tell the interviewer just what you said in your OP. You love your job but the rotating shifts are wreaking havoc wi...
  4. Nursing Uniforms: From Skirts to Scrubs and Beyond

    My mother is 92 and I have her cape, just like the one in the picture. My grandmother would be approximately 120 yrs of age if she were living and I have HER cape which is floor length. You can’t imagine how well made these capes are.
  5. Ageism in Nursing

    I’ve been lucky, I guess. I graduated nursing school in 2013. I’ve worked a few different positions since then, namely med-surg, icu, dialysis and home care. I was hired over a year ago for a bedside nursing position which I had totally missed. I was...
  6. I just graduated in May and passed my boards in early June. Resumes out all over the place. I have a BA in an unrelated field. I am going to be 52 in the fall, but still plan on getting my BSN. I'm beginning to think I've made a terrible mistake.
  7. Here we go..... I have 24 Class C Misdemeanors...

    What are you being punished for? You already paid your price back to society. On what grounds would they fine you? Best of luck.
  8. Case Study: Solve A Neurologic Mystery

    My first patient EVER in nursing school had PRES.