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  1. What gauge needle for subq heparin do you use?

    We use TB needle
  2. "I have a PhD, I know more than you do!"

    Funny. Sounds good
  3. "I have a PhD, I know more than you do!"

    I was at a Walgreens pharmacy waiting with my mom for her scripts to be filled. An elderly woman, wearing a pink ball cap and sparce, thinned gray hair approached the counter. I could hear her conversation without even trying to listen. She asked th...
  4. Heparin IV for Pulmonary embolism

    Agree with above posters. If the PE is intermediate risk, heparin infusion is standard Massive PE treated with tpa for thrombolysis
  5. "I have a PhD, I know more than you do!"

    Clearly you haven't read any of my responses. I asked no questions in my original post. I did not post this for kuddos. In fact, the opposite. I shared this so I could get feedback and confirm how I already felt after this happened. Where did I say...
  6. "I have a PhD, I know more than you do!"

    She did look like a cancer patient. I think I wanted to save her money the most out of anything and I didn't think before I spoke (currently trying to install my filter☺) Very good point you make!
  7. "I have a PhD, I know more than you do!"

    Really, I am posting anonymously about a mistake I made and learned from, hoping others will too. A lot of these posts are not nice and don't offer any constructive feed back, like this one.
  8. "I have a PhD, I know more than you do!"

    No, he was white male with a "quirk" about him😉
  9. "I have a PhD, I know more than you do!"

  10. "I have a PhD, I know more than you do!"

    For the record, I have the utmost respect for those who have worked hard and earned advanced degrees. My problem was the manner in which he approached me and what I felt as disrespect in a consumer and professional transaction
  11. "I have a PhD, I know more than you do!"

    Thanks for all the feed back, also the grammar corrections. I pretty much knew in retrospect that I should have kept my mouth shut, my intentions were not to make the pharmacist look bad. I'm developing in many aspects of my professional demeanor. I...
  12. I'm on a Intermediate care post cardiac surgery. 1:4 on days, 1:4-5 on nights
  13. Hosptial call out policy

    3x in a rolling calender. On the 4th we get a warning, 5th is a write up
  14. Wake Tech Spring 2017 Start

    Start your prerequisites as soon as you can. There are really a lot that have to be done prior to RN-BSN programs. It's taking forever to get them done ugg
  15. CMSRN vs. RN-BC

    They are the same thing, just different credentialing bodies. The Med Surg RN -BC through ANCC is more credible to me, they do Magnet.
  16. Wake Tech Spring 2017 Start

    I didnt, but I'm a freak of nature lol. I also graduated nursing school on may 7, got authorization from BON to test on May 8 and took my NCLEX on may 10 Waketech has free only math tutorials, but I can't remember how to find them on the website, you...
  17. Wake Tech Spring 2017 Start

    RN to BSN programs has a time limit on the maths too, I think 10 years. There are tons of prerequisites left to do after the nursing program to get into BSN program. After your done, keep going and doing those preqreqs either for AA or AS.
  18. Wake Tech Spring 2017 Start

    I just took the math placement because my math was too old. Placed out of all the the lower, non credit maths. Very easy.
  19. Wake Tech Spring 2017 Start

    I would take Statistics if I were you. Most employers make you get your BSN within 5 years of hire and Stats will be required for that. I'm in that predicament now. Wake Techs nursing program is awesome but it's a shame how much is required for the B...
  20. Magnet status

    My hospital just got awarded is 4th magnet designation. We are am award winning hospital for patient and staff satisfaction. Named best place to work year after year. There is always a bad apple in a group, but one cannot generalize based off tha...
  21. IVC but no policy

    So my facility has no IVC ( not suicide, but court ordered d/t drug abuse causing unintended self harm) policy to refer to as far a Nursing responsibilities etc... I may try and get a group together to write one based on the increased number of psyc...
  22. IVC but no policy

    Actually, not a minor. The pt was suicidal but psych took her off suicide precautions, but is going to inpatient drug rehab but IVC papers remains. I'm gonna take a closer look at them tonight
  23. Bedside Reporting

    As hard as it is and was to get people to do it, it has increased our scores on communication between nurses and patients. It is Evidence based as well. Patient will only become more and more involved in their care and decision making as the healthc...
  24. Passed

    Passed my CV exam. Officially Board certified CVRN. Wish it gave me a lil more money😉 How does than get abbreviated after the RN?
  25. Passed

    I really didn't study. I did some practice questions though. Good luck!!