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  1. RODP pre-req's HELP!

    I'm going to be moving around a bit before the actual nursing courses start in January. I have Micro, APII and Psych to take this fall through Columbia State. I want to do it RODP so I can stay in DC for a while this fall. I know they have proctor...
  2. Anatomy & Physiology I/II Summer 2013

    I just finished my A&P I summer session (4 weeks) and got an A! It was literally all I did for 4 weeks, and it was greuling. Tons of memorization. It's the first college class I've taken in YEARS and YEARS. and even those that I took before I...
  3. RN to BSN MTSU pre-reqs?

    I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out what additional classes I need to take in addition to their nursing bridge classes to get a BSN from them.. I want to get a jump on it now as I'm starting nursing courses at a community college in the...
  4. Columbia State Community College 2013-2014 Students?

    Yes! What about you?
  5. Who taking A&P this summer?

    I have, and we have lab every day directly after lecture every day. I studied up on the first 4 chapters before class started and I'm glad I did as we are already almost through all of that material and today will only be day 3 of this week.
  6. Columbia State Community College 2013-2014 Students?

    June, I started Monday.
  7. 2013 Nashville Area New Grad Pay

    Well, that's annoying.
  8. Anatomy & Physiology I/II Summer 2013

    I'm taking it beginning this Monday... it's a 4 week class. I also have no high school background in either chemistry or biology. HA.
  9. Kicking a bad habit

    yes! I've been a smoker for about 10 years. I quit a couple years ago for 4 months and since then I fall off the wagon every couple of weeks for a night out or something, but am generally a "non - smoker".... but let's be real, I am still smoking. ...
  10. How many nursing schools are you applying to?

    I only applied to one. I found the one program that had a very clear cut acceptance policy. Certain scores, certain grades, etc. That way I am in complete control of being accepted or not. I don't think I could handle a lottery school or one that...
  11. "I'm told one needs to study at least two hours outside of class for every hour in class." I'm taking an accelerated science class (well, starting Monday) and if this is accurate then I will be dedicating 15 hours a day to this class.
  12. Mad at myself

    That's rough. You're being super mature about it.. I'd at least beg for an extra credit opportunity or something to make up for it.
  13. Columbia State Community College 2013-2014 Students?

    I got your PM, jpl90 but I don't have PM privileges yet :) I'm also taking the summer A+P course - with jackson, you?
  14. Taking Micro alongside nursing courses..

    MathHatingNurse - that. sounds. insane. Kudos to you for passing.
  15. Grades on science pre-reqs

    I guess it depends on how competitive the program is. Have you talked to an adviser about where the bar is set? Even though my program only requires a 19 on ACT to apply, I asked and was told that unless you have a 24 it's extremely unlikely that y...