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  1. My husband is Canadian. I'm finishing up my ADN in the states and he wants to move back to B.C. I have to have my BSN first and want to make sure the online WGU degree would be acceptable for my license there. I'm going to call the Canadian board of nursing but wanted to check here first hand. See if anyone has had personal experience transferring it to Canada. Thanks!
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    Scared.....No Nursing?

    There are sooo many areas of nursing for you to explore and find your niche. You may consider community health clinic-browse your county job website for public health nursing opportunities too, clinic nursing (ENT, Dermatology, etc), Surgery, Psychiatric, private duty nursing where you care for someone in their home- there are a lot of those in my area with peds through agencies. Touch bases with local agencies to see what they have- I got to try corrections, psych, private duty and school nursing through our local nurse staffing agency. Don't give up, there are way to may nursing opportunities to find what you like. I personally don't like floor nursing at all.
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    Jail, correctional facility RN

    Some pay higher to include hazard pay due to the population you work with. Also can be harder positions to fill. The jails are more acute in people are coming in off the streets - some unstable and needing to detox in the health clinic. Depending on the jail the nurse works intake, detox, pill/diabetic line, clinic, inpatient area and respond to emergencies. The prisons are less acute as they have already been incarcerated for a while. Lots of health teaching. Lots of manipulation and behaviors. But I really enjoyed it. Can be some rough nurses to work with too. You can check out the corrections nursing forum in the specialties.
  4. This year I completed the process for my RN license in BC. As others mentioned, the real headache is with NNAS. They lost the flash drive with my syllabi on it and other submitted papers. It was a process for sure. My RN education was deemed equivalent with an ASN-BSN bridge through Western Governors University which is an online non-profit. CRNBC was quick and efficient. I did not have to go up to do additional testing. I attributed this to working at a level 1 trauma center but who knows. CRNBC was helpful in answering questions and prompt in replies.
  5. When I graduated nursing a few years ago school I had a 2 y/o and 4 y/o. My husband worked M-F 8-530/or 12-930pm. We wanted to use as little childcare as possible so I tried a few things. 1. Private duty with peds- pay was low, schedule flexible, not stressful- BUT I felt strange leaving my young kids to go care for other young kids- I had NO break from kids. I needed more adult interaction from my work. 2. Corrections nursing- working at the state prison- excellent benefits, good pay, most days not too stressful, it was fun, shifts usually 0600-1430, or work per-diem, swing, nights, weekends, doubles. Quite flexible. Variety of areas to work in. Working at the county jail can be more stress due to fresh off the street/detoxing depending on where you live. 3. School Nurse: pay/benefits not so great where I am. Role of nurse varies by district- 1:1, management, or oversee health room. Most of the summer off. Stressful at the beginning of the year setting up, but not if 1:1 provider. Hours vary by role and district. No holidays/weekends. But you may be doing work off the clock to keep up, like teachers. 4. Hospital- 12 hour nights have been so rough for me with kindergarten/1st grader. Some love it. Night shift just doesn't groove with me. I love 12's with the kids because I can volunteer at their school, more days off with them. I work weekends when my husband is home to watch them and one weekday. I just changed to per-diem to have more time off with them over summer. I am looking to get away from bedside because I don't care for it so now looking to work psych, per-diem procedural and/or back to corrections. I am struggling to find what works for our family again. Would love to do GI full time but 10 hour shifts won't work for us. I think per-diem has been very helpful.
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    WGU BSN degree good in Canada?

    Nursemaple 2, Will your MSN be transferable to Canada? I am considering switching from the RN-BSN track to the RN-MSN track with WGU. We are planning to move back to Canada in another year or two to be closer to my husbands family. I am worried that the MSN from the US will not be accepted there. Nightflower- How is everything going? Did you ever hear from anyone who has been through WGU and transferred to Canada?
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    Care of the Older Adult

    Yes, just take the objective assessment and get it out of the way. Getting out of school recently definitely helps. I am a recent grad too.
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    WGU Starting 9/1/15 - Question

    I am also starting 9/1 :) RN-BSN.
  9. I live in the states and will be graduating with my RN from a 2 year program down here in March. I know in Canada they require a Bachelors for RN work. So, I will be taking a "bridge" program down here to get my Bachelors online rather than the traditional brick and mortar University. It just fits my schedule much better. My husband is Canadian and would like to move back to Victoria after I finish my schooling. So I have looked through and contacted the National Nursing Assessment Service asking them if they accepted online education. They did reply with "we make no distinction between course work done through a traditional classroom setting versus online coursework. This information is captured during the NNAS application process, and forwarded to the Canadian regulatory body to which you are applying for nurse licensing." BUT I am still nervous about doing an online bridge program to get my BSN through Western Governors University and having it not be accepted. So, has anyone transferred their WGU education from the states to Canada successfully? I have asked already on the WGU forum and no one has replied. So, I am asking in the Canada forum. Thank you!
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    What did you end up doing?
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    Why does Seattle pay so low?

    I'm a new grad and have not looked around at other states much to see how it compares. But, this area is completely saturated with nurses due to all the schools here. I don't know if that has something to do with it. I have looked at Portland and they make more there than here in Seattle.
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    Job outlook in Western Wa

    Thanks Tokmom. Wow, they are lucky to have spots held. I would take it in a minute. Nights are hard, but as a new grad that is what I am expecting from any hospital.
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    Job outlook in Western Wa

    I just graduated with my ADN and will be taking the NCLEX in April. Will let you know how my job search goes. At our clinical orientation at Swedish we were told they were not hiring ADN's and were only hiring BSN grads. Unless you have a big foot in the door already working there and know someone. They are working towards Magnet like others in the area. I'm not sure how Prov in Everett is handling their horing of bsn/adn, they own Swedish but not sure if they are following same hiring path. I think it is tough for new grad ADN's to get a residency in this area (seattle). Will let you know how my journey ends :)
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    Please help! need to make a decision by 2/19

    Shoreline stil has a great reputation and program. Definitely go with accredidation. That is a hell of a rough commute though.
  15. Thank you Fiona, I know, I have been watching the threads and job outlook. I plan on getting experience in the states while working on bridge program for BSN before we move back there. His sister is a public health nurse on VI so hoping that may help some in getting a foot in for casual. Will be taking NCLEX-RN in April. I know Canada has switched to this from the CRNE. But still need to do bridge RN-BSN before moving up there. And get experience here first. Biggest worry is just the transferring of education!
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    Help! I quit my first nursing job

    If you were truly that unhappy I would not go back. But, if you want a job in the same hospital or system then it will be tough. What kind of nursing do yuou want to do?
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    Looking for a nursing school with these grades

    Have you checked with everett cc? They are based on TEAS test. Need micro for many, but have you added up what your points would be for shoreline with your work experience AND volunteering? Those points may help make up for the C in stats.
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    Shoreline community college or UW?

    I would apply to several schools. North seattle was a little easier to apply with. I didn't have a CNA position, but I did have the volunteer hours.
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    Shoreline community college or UW?

    They are point based on acceptance. So it really also depends on how many points you will get for work experience and volunteering to make up for lower GPA. For the most part mostly A's maybe some B's depending on the above and who else is applying.
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    Vet tech to RN

    I made the switch because I could not make enough to retire! There are also more opportunities. I really needed more financial autonomy.
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    Vet tech to RN

    I also have found some people in school stress about not getting enough experience with blood draws, iv cath placements and urinary cath placements or other tasks and I don't get worried about it. One reason being past experience with all the animal pokes, but I also remember when I was fresh out of vet tech school I had the book knowledge but it was that first year or so that those skills really developed and I know it will be the same in nursing. Your assessment skills will be ahead as well.
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    Vet tech to RN

    Hi, I was a vet tech for 7 years before nursing school. It definitely was helpful. So much is the same in way of illnesses. I worked at specialty vet hospitals and moved around from er/ICU, surgery, internal medicine and many of the same meds are used. You will just find you don't get to do as much as you do as a tech...won't get to place central lines, intubate, epidurals, etc. But having the background in animals doing those things has made the transition easier. I also found working with animals we had stronger PPE protocols than they have with people at the hospital. Lol, and with animals we were wearing much of the PPE to protect other animals often more so than ourselves depending on illness. That stumps me, especially with seeing the ebola issues now. Your background will def help. I graduate in the spring. I do have bad habits and have to really rememeber to be more careful with needles, poop, etc. Also some different ways of doing things. It has been awkward for me getting used to working with people patients too and communication. I know two other vet techs I worked with now nurses and found it beneficial.
  23. I know this is an old post, but what did you find out? I am living in the states and planning on going the WGU route for RN-BSN. My husband is Canadian and he wants to move back near his family. Just wanted to see if you had any troubles transferring your WGU degree for Canadian recognition. Thanks!
  24. Tokmom, I am just getting close to graduating from an ADN program. This last year we were told there had been a pretty big shift in this area for BSNs from most of the hospitals. I will just have to see what's available when I graduate, but I am planning on going right into the bridge program. Ken, living is expensive here. Other areas of WA are more affordable. Have you thought about Portland? I have heard pay is a bit better there? It is a great city. I grew up in that area.
  25. Tokmom, Providence Everett also is requiring a BSN w/in 5 years of hire too. Ken, here is a link to the WA state nurses assn with a list of all the hospitals down at the bottom. You could google each hospitals nursing contract for the pay scales and benefits at each facility. Union - Washington State Nurses Association

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