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  1. tnfnp

    Prn/part time pay

    I say negotiate, worst that can happen is they say no! Ask for 50
  2. tnfnp

    New NP asking about Tennessee

    I live near Knoxville and work part time for a hospice agency and I also do aesthetics. I have friends that live in Nashville and there seems to good job opportunities for NPs in middle TN. I can speak only for East TN but the market here is a bit saturated. There are 6 or 7 NP programs in the Knoxville area in addition to at least 3 PA programs. The only jobs I ever see advertised are jobs no one really wants like minute clinic and Walgreens clinic. Pay is my area is 80-90k average for full time work depending on what area you are working in. NPs working ED and inpatient seem to be more in the 95-100k range. Weather here is a great and you can't beat living in the south! Good luck!
  3. tnfnp

    VA Hiring Process

    LubbockNP- where in the pay range does a nurse III place you? Somewhere in the middle? Just curious. Obviously the salaries they list for NP positions are pretty broad and I am a bit concerned about a pay cut as well. I have only been an NP for 3.5 years.
  4. Reimbursement will depend on what exactly you are billing for? I am not a PMHNP but it sounds as if they will have you doing therapy in addition to assessment, diagnosis, treatment etc. I would assume a therapy only visit will be billed much differently than a mental health eval visit. I have worked in a integrated health system with both mental health and medical, we had a PMHNP and she did not do any therapy. We had social workers who did all the therapy with the clients. I would be sure to get specifics about what you willl be doing and what is expected before the job. I would also be sure you have a concrete salary agreement to protect yourself.
  5. tnfnp

    Job offer confusion

    I would definitely ask for licensure and DEA certificate compensation! Good luck!
  6. tnfnp

    VA Home Based Primary Care

    Congrats LubbockNP! Excited for you! Did you have a chance to find out anything specific about the job? I'm pretty sure I am going to apply for the position in my area as the federal benefits seem too good to pass up!!
  7. tnfnp

    VA Home Based Primary Care

    I was curious if anyone had any details about the VA's HBPC program. How many patients do you see per day? Do you have a company vehicle or use your own vehicle? How are patients selected for HBPC? There is a job opening in my area and I am considering applying for this position. Any info is appreciated!