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  1. Prn/part time pay

    I say negotiate, worst that can happen is they say no! Ask for 50
  2. New NP asking about Tennessee

    I live near Knoxville and work part time for a hospice agency and I also do aesthetics. I have friends that live in Nashville and there seems to good job opportunities for NPs in middle TN. I can speak only for East TN but the market here is a bit sa...
  3. New NP looking for advice

    Patty, First of all, know that what you are feeling is absolutely normal and actually reassuring. If you started your first NP job without any trepidation and thought you knew everything, that would be cause for concern. Your new role as an NP will b...
  4. NP in Specialty

    Thanks so much everyone for your replies. Great advice!
  5. NP in Specialty

    I would like to get some advice from fellow NP's on applying for jobs in specialties without experience. I have been an FNP for 3 years, working primarily in family practice. Has anyone had experience applying for jobs in specialties without any expe...
  6. VA Home Based Primary Care

    LubbockNP- I actually got a call back 2 days ago for my references, but as it turns out my husband received an unexpected job offer in another city so I decided to withdraw my name for the position. It looks as if we may be making a move this fall, a...
  7. VA Home Based Primary Care

    Hmm.... Strange. What was their rationale? You would think they would want you to shadow and be sure the job is something that is a good fit before you officially accept. I had my interview a week ago, over the phone and I feel that it went well. I a...
  8. Am I really a NP if I do laser hair removal?

    Wildcatarnp- Would love to hear an update from you! I can relate to what you are saying as I left primary care about 8 months ago to work part time in a weight loss clinic. I also do medical aesthetics ( Botox, dermal fillers etc) we do not do laser ...
  9. VA Home Based Primary Care

    Thanks for the update! I am surprised they did not elaborate on the actual job more during the interview process. I received a call for an interview today for the HBPC position in my area. Please keep me posted!!
  10. VA Hiring Process

    LubbockNP- where in the pay range does a nurse III place you? Somewhere in the middle? Just curious. Obviously the salaries they list for NP positions are pretty broad and I am a bit concerned about a pay cut as well. I have only been an NP for 3.5 y...
  11. Insurance/Income/Training ?'s for Private Practice

    Reimbursement will depend on what exactly you are billing for? I am not a PMHNP but it sounds as if they will have you doing therapy in addition to assessment, diagnosis, treatment etc. I would assume a therapy only visit will be billed much differen...
  12. Job offer confusion

    I would definitely ask for licensure and DEA certificate compensation! Good luck!
  13. VA Home Based Primary Care

    Congrats LubbockNP! Excited for you! Did you have a chance to find out anything specific about the job? I'm pretty sure I am going to apply for the position in my area as the federal benefits seem too good to pass up!!
  14. VA Home Based Primary Care

    I was curious if anyone had any details about the VA's HBPC program. How many patients do you see per day? Do you have a company vehicle or use your own vehicle? How are patients selected for HBPC? There is a job opening in my area and I am consider...
  15. I work per diem for a hospice agency performing face to face visits which are required my medicare after a hospice patient reaches a new benefit period. This is pretty straight forward work where I complete a history and physical with emphasis on fun...