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11blade is a RN and specializes in OR.

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  1. 11blade

    Everybody Wants To Be The Hero

  2. 11blade

    I'm Out... (Cue Mic Drop)

    "Listen to the White House press briefings and you will discover that those journalists apparently haven't realized that the level of disease spread is in control of all of that. It's no wonder then, that they are almost completely unable to convey ...
  3. 11blade

    I want to quit....Or find something new

    If you enjoyed the critical care aspect of your ICU jobs you might look into CRNA school. Yes, it's more school (debt) but with the added benefit of more autonomy of practice, better pay, and less a-holes to put up with, depending on what surgeon you...
  4. 11blade

    I'm Out... (Cue Mic Drop)

    I don't think that is doable, politically or logistically. There is no political will to institute or enforce the measures that were used last year, even if they might help stem the spread. The politicians will be crowing about job-killing in the nex...
  5. 11blade

    Feel Awful after 1st COVID Vaccination

    I personally didn't notice much of anything with the first Moderna shot in January. The second one was a different experience. I woke up the next day with some lymphadenopathy in the injected arm, as well as a red rash, in the same arm, not even nea...
  6. 11blade

    I'm Out... (Cue Mic Drop)

    I'm a month ahead of you, gal. I was working with nurses, technicians and surgeons that felt they didn't have to mask up at work, including in a cysto case! Six months prior to my working with them, the military was in their hospital to help with the...
  7. 11blade

    Covid-19: Contacted by your state’s BON

    Uh, yes, I can speak definitively for ALL BON's on the issue on their purview and regulation of nurses, it's in every state statute published online for your review. "Nursing force"?! I wasn't aware I joined a 'force' when I got a license. Nursi...
  8. 11blade

    Vaccine Hesitancy

    I disagree. Every one has to make the decision that is right for them. My choice to wait for the vaccine correlated with my actual ability to GET the vaccine. I was not going to be at the head of the line for this vaccine, but I was undecided on whet...
  9. 11blade

    Intubation Should Be A Nursing Skill, Especially Now

    YES! Years ago, I was on bedside report with the team where the night nurse reported 'kussmaul' breathing with pauses...uh-huh. I lifted the patients chin to sniffing position, and golly-gee...air movement, regular, unlabored. This was before OSA was...
  10. 11blade

    Intubation Should Be A Nursing Skill, Especially Now

    Your story PERFECTLY illustrates the tenet it is much better to know when NOT to attempt than to try and stir up the mud in clear waters (bleeding). Friable, post radiated airway tissue doesn't like being tickled with implements...you nailed that exa...
  11. 11blade

    Struggling! LPN School

    The other posts about studying are on target. There are a lot more resources now (Youtube, online resources, this forum) to help you teach yourself. The big thing I would stress at this point is SELF CARE. You recognize that you've been out of s...
  12. 11blade

    Worried About Getting Sued—Traveler

    Unfortunately, YOU threw yourself under the bus. Even though you gave report to the receiving nurse, and, called again before you left your unit, dropping the patient off in the room, monitored or un monitored, and leaving is a BIG problem for YOU, n...
  13. 11blade

    Can't get covid at work

    Not working, NOT feeling guilty. In fact, training to get my CDL (Commercial Driver's License) so I don't have to take another nursing job until it is 'safe' to do so. Feel sorry for all y'all that just got out of nursing school and feel obligated to...
  14. 11blade

    How to handle covid exposures from other staff

    So the virus is AIRBORNE, and, the original poster points out the RT spends 'all day' in one room where people are eating and drinking WITHOUT HER MASK ON. That is NOT paranoid, that is a break in technique that management needs to address. The RT ha...
  15. 11blade

    Covid-19: Contacted by your state’s BON

    There is no infrastructure to contact nurses by the boards because that is not what their function is. At best, they can sell the list of licensed nurses to a company that would contact you. Nursing boards function are to regulate the practice of nur...