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  1. fitzfam2009

    Application Status Help...!

    Hello, I was hoping anyone can help. I applied to a position through Dignity a few months back, and when all was said and done it was marked "hiring mgr reviewed, not selected." When I went on to search for more jobs this evening, I noticed that that same job from a few months ago is now marked as under mgr review...!! Can anyone tell me what that means? I've never even heard of this happening.
  2. fitzfam2009

    RN Refresher Course

    Has anyone taken an RN Refresher course lately? I am working with MCC at the time and they are trying to find me a preceptor but I was told that it could be any time after I start the program.
  3. fitzfam2009

    HCA L&D Residency Program

    That is so weird that you can't pm back, seems silly. I'm hoping we hear something soon. Did you just turn your app in today?
  4. fitzfam2009

    HCA L&D Residency Program

    Hi! I am going to PM you!
  5. fitzfam2009

    New Grad! HELP!

    Arizona is a hard market for new grads =( I'm going to send you a PM.
  6. fitzfam2009

    Northwest in Tucson?

    Oh, congrats! I applied for the program as well but applied too late, and was told all positions are being filled, and will look only at my application if they needed to fill more spots. When I applied I looked for info but had a hard time finding any I also applied for Tucson medical center. Good Luck!! Getting a spot in any new grad program is hard, I wouldn't hesitate!
  7. fitzfam2009

    Northwest in Tucson?

    Did you apply to the program?
  8. fitzfam2009

    HCA L&D Residency Program

    Hello! I am looking to see if anyone else has applied for the L&D residency program or anyone who might know anything about it. Looking to have people to take the journey and wait with!
  9. fitzfam2009

    Methodist (SA) New Grad Residency

    Would love some info on the interview process and what to expect at the meet and greet!
  10. Hi! I was wondering if anyone applied to the San Antonio L&D/NICU program starting in October? I have no idea what to expect. Thanks!
  11. fitzfam2009

    CNEP FNU Class 139

    Hmm weird. I did notice that there was actually a person who organizes clinical placements in Maryland, so maybe it was lifted. That would be good. =)
  12. fitzfam2009

    CNEP FNU Class 139

    Hi Claritasd, I will have an Arizona License since this is the state I will be graduating from. Also, being that Maryland is a compact state as well as Arizona, I shouldn't have to transfer my license to Maryland. Not sure id that makes a difference or not? I also found this under the FAQ section Is distance education an option only for those within a certain radius of the university? No, FNU is an option for anyone, anywhere. We have had students in every state in the United States and even in foreign countries such as Canada, Germany, Japan and Costa Rica.
  13. fitzfam2009

    CNEP FNU Class 139

    That is absolutely amazing! Congratulations to you! I would love if I could keep in touch with you and you can keep me posted on how it goes? I am graduating in December and would love to go right into the graduate program. My husband is active duty military and we just found out we will be stationed in Maryland right after graduation as well.
  14. fitzfam2009

    CNEP FNU Class 139

    Thank you for the information! You have no L& D experience but do you have any experience as a doula or labor coach? I know that take that into consideration.
  15. fitzfam2009

    CNEP FNU Class 139

    Hi, I am looking into Frontier for the midwifery masters degree and would like some advice. I am in the process of completing my BSN in nursing, went back to school after getting a degree in family & human development. What were your GPA's for those who got in? Is there anything I should be concentrating on to help my chances of getting accepted when the time comes to apply? Thank you in advance!
  16. fitzfam2009

    frontier nursing university class 131

    I am working on my BSN and I graduate Dec 15. I plan on applying for the midwifery program, however, I was wondering how many people applied and got accepted with little to no experience. Thanks!