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    Ohio License by Endorsement

    The temporary permit will show up on the online verification page. Mine just showed up today! Keep calling, leaving voicemails, and emailing everyday! I started doing it a week and a half ago and I don't know if that's what got them to speed it up or not but it couldn't hurt. I still never talked to anyone but it just showed up on the verification page. Good luck!
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    Ohio License by Endorsement

    I'm in the same boat. Sent my complete application including background check, money, all of it over a month ago now and mine still says pending as well. I've called everyday and never got an answer, left a message and no returned call, emailed and no response. I have a job waiting for me so I'm so frustrated! I just got my WV license and it took 5 days from the day I mailed it! I don't understand why Ohio is always so behind or why no one ever answers the phone. If anyone has any advise, I'm sure we would all love to hear it!
  3. I just had this exact problem! The issue holding mine up was that my BON had misplaced my background check that was sent to them in APRIL! Lol. Needless to say, I've been grumpy for most of the day. They did, however tell me that getting you ATT depends on receiving your transcript so that is not likely the problem in your case if you've already tested. I would call and check in with the BON, though. That's what I did and got my issue resolved (thank goodness) in a couple of hours. :) Good luck!
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    As of July 15th 2013, has the PVT not worked for anybody??

    I've never heard of it being wrong if you got the pop up! Congrats! :)
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    I just have to know NOW! Really?

    I would like to ask why on earth you are even looking at this board? You clearly must go to STUDENT and then to NCLEX to get to these threads. So, if you know that students who are very eager to learn that they passed or failed are going to be posting such things then why would you even come here to see them? It's nurses with this attitude that give our career the "eat their young," bad reputation. I'm disappointed in this. Until now, I have only read encouraging things and always felt that this was a safe place to vent frustrations and talk about our chosen career paths. As far as the PVT goes, I have never heard of a single person that it has been wrong for as far as the "good pop-up" goes. I have heard that you may still pass even if you don't get the pop up, but never giving you the pop up if you'd actually failed. Good luck, students! As a recent NCLEX participant and new RN I would like to say don't give up hope. We will have many Debbie Downers as we enter this profession but let's stick together and keep our heads high while ENCOURAGING one another and never letting others get us down. :)
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    What is the BUN normal level for the nclex?

    In my NCLEX review class, they told us 7-15 but I agree with everyone else. I don't think they're going to give you a BUN of 7 or 21, it's going to be a significant difference.
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    Good Pearson Popup

    I haven't heard of anyone failing and getting the good pop up as long as it said delivery successful on the main page..
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    FAILED NCLEX W/76 QUESTIONS, need help :(

    The pvt is not 100% in the failing aspect. I have seen people post that they got to the cc page and still passed so don't lose hope just yet! I haven't heard of it being wrong as far as giving you the pop up and you passing but the "failing" is not as dependable. If you do need to take it again, I would definitely do Kaplan. I didn't do a class, just bought the book and it was very helpful. Good luck!
  9. I saw a post on here a couple weeks ago with that scenario. :) Good luck!
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    Are my scores good enough?

    I did Kaplan as well as Saunders and others and got the same score ranges as you and passed today with 75 questions. :) Sounds like you'll do great!
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    NCLEX July 15th, So Nervous!!!

    Just got home and did the PVT and got the good pop up!!!! What a long journey this has been. I'm so glad it's over and that I can actually say that I'm a registered nurse!! :) Thanks for the prayers and good luck to you guys that still have to test or are testing.
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    NCLEX July 15th, So Nervous!!!

    I'm up and getting ready to leave as we speak to take my NCLEX, as well. I'm sick to my stomach. My plan is to stop and pray every 25 questions and know that it is completely in God's hands now. We have done all of the preparations and got through nursing school for crying out loud, we know this stuff! :) Through school I learned to go with your gut. Even if you think you have no idea, try to think about I first without looking at the answers and then go with your first instinct. I'm saying all of this and still so nervous. Lol. I've been consistently getting in the 75% range on KAPLAN and other books that I've used so hopefully this is good. Good luck to everyone!! :)
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    License Posting/NCLEX Results

    I live in Ohio but am planning to move to MS and am getting licensed for MS when I take my NCLEX. Here, the BON usually posts your license in about 2 days after you pass your NCLEX so you can search for yourself and find out if you passed. Does anyone know about how quickly MS posts to their website? Thanks!
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    How long do you have to take the NCLEX in Mississippi

    As far as I know, there is no rule that gives a time limit but after 4 years I would definitely look for a review course before you try to take it. Things change so rapidly in nursing, you may have learned things that are completely different now, not to mention medications being big on the NCLEX and new meds are always coming out. Good luck! :)
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    review books...new test plan

    Kaplan has a new review book for this year. The content hasn't changed, though. What has changed is the breakdown of questions in each category. If you go to the national board of nursing website there is a study plan thing that gives you the breakdown as far as what percentage of questions are in which categories. I just graduated last week and I bought the Kaplan book in January, I think. I really love it! Good luck!