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  1. I did mine prior and uploaded it with my app. I'm concerned this is incorrect. Did you do the same thing and was there a delay?
  2. janice11

    Application approved by the BRN, but no ATT yet?

    Hi! Did you upload your live scan in additional documents? I did that and I think it's incorrect.
  3. janice11

    National University LVN-to-BSN 2019 Cohort 11

    On the 17th the group was pretty small as well, maybe 25. Gosh LA....that must have been a long day.
  4. janice11

    National University LVN-to-BSN 2019 Cohort 11

    At the nursing forum they gave out the cutoffs for last years LVN to BSN cohort but I can't remember. I know the post Bachelor BSN program had a cutoff of 86 or 87. If I can find my notes, I will post. Did you take your test on the 17th? How did your essay go?
  5. janice11

    National University LVN-to-BSN 2019 Cohort 11

    Yes, they said 4 to 6 weeks. How'd your essay go? Have you applied before or anywhere else? This is my first time. I hope I get in.
  6. janice11

    National University LVN-to-BSN 2019 Cohort 11

    Took my TEAS today, got a 90.7 and did my proctored essay. Now it's just waiting time!! I wish there were others on here going for this cohort.
  7. janice11

    National University LVN to BSN program

    Hi! Did you apply? I think the schedule is Mon through Thur.
  8. Hi! My name is Janice and I applied for the LVN to BSN program at National University in August and just got my test date for the TEAS and essay. I wanted to start a thread so we can all talk and bounce ideas off each other. My test date is September 17th and I'm super nervous! I've got two study guides for the TEAS and I'm starting to study now.....ugggggh. (should have started sooner!) I also contacted the writing department last week and will do a few practice essays to prepare. Please comment if you have applied....let's chat!
  9. Hi! Did you take the test yet? I'm scheduled to take it tomorrow and studying for this is a real drag.