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  1. penny186

    Advice please

    So I am a RN in LTC, but work 3 hours a week as a cna in home health because I had the client before I graduated nursing school and I wanted to be nice and continue to do her, even though it was hard with working night shift. This client is young and had no physical limitations. I am more of a maid doing crazy tasks and do nothing home health related. I set up tables and lawn furniture and buy crazy items at the grocery store, never leaving on time just to get the right things. She also smokes cigarattes and medical marijuana heavily the whole time and it worsens my migraines and I leave stinking. Since I began I have been losing sleep accommodate her, even coming at strange hours when I worked days and never saying no and even asking her the day before when she wants me to come. I have chronic migraines and I have never called off but the last 2 weeks I asked if I come an hour later then I usually come. She said sure. She even told me the later the better because she sleeps all day and stays up all night. Mind you, I always bust my butt for this lady and it kind of felt like friend relationship even though she was picky. She said see you next week. Then the company calls days later and says we are cancelling you because she doesn't like the hours. She never said a word to me and I've been accommodating the hours for her all this time. We always handle stuff between us and not the company. I've never said no! She recently told me with Covid her other aides quit on her and I was the only one left. I was even doing 2 days a week and that now one might be coming Back in July. So basically she used me. I was only getting paid 33% of what I got paid at my RN job but I feel so used. So then she texts me and says she wants to call me. I never responded since Thursday. Should I respond? I am relieved that I can finally quit this job in a way because it was holding me back sleep wise and Im going back to school soon. Thanks
  2. penny186

    How to give a 2 week notice

    So ive been at my long term care facility for 8 years. 7 as a CNA and 1 as a RN charge nurse and RN house supervisor. I knew I didn't want to stay there long after I got my RN but I was trying to make it 2 years. My company was bought out and taken over by a corporation in october and has since continued to go downhill. All vacation time was taken away and everyone is a new employee. No cooperation among staff. scheduling mistakes constantly. Management does not discipline. Poor work ethic. Belligerence. Poor care to residents. The staff are a joke and the residents suffer big time. Im so sick of having to tell people do do their jobs and even physically helping them because if i dont initiate it it doesn't get done. Staffing is bare minimum along with 1 on 1. I applied and got a job at the VA which I accepted. Ive tried my hardest to make it but I just can't take the aggravation. I have told them this and got empty promises. I'm very anxious about giving my notice but ive given them every opportunity to change things and counsel people. I need to start my career and the VA has excellent benefits I will never get where i am. I will stay per diem. Has anyone else ever felt anxiety at giving a notice. I feel that they will say I should have given them a hint sooner. However i dont know how long the background checks take so I didn't want to sayanything.
  3. penny186

    Job change?

    Advice please! I've been working as an RN on the floor and supervisor at the long term care facility I was a CNA at for 7 years since this past July. I wanted to get some experience and im glad I did but I feel its time for me to move on. There is total lack of respect as well as laziness and incompetence from the CNAs. You can't get then to do their job. The Lpns can't do their job right either. No one cares. I work 11 to 7 and waste time fixing mistakes on paper and physically on the residents. The company was bought out in October but things such as staffing are getting worse not better. Management never disciplines anyone and doesn't take you seriously when you complain again and again. Its the same thing day after day in a nursing home. Ive been rotating with 3 to 11 recently but it's getting old. I want to apply to the VA since they pay for your education, extra $ from 6p to 6a and more holidays , get 5 weeks of vacation, 12 HR shifts , and a better working environment from what I've heard from my mother who works there. There's 2 jobs open in ICU and psych and I want to apply but am nervous to leave where ive been so long. I feel a strange sense of attachment and comfort since I know the job so well and enjoy it at times. However, Things will never change and I feel sorry for the residents who live an awful life not getting care. I get aggravated everyday and know as a new nurse I should move on. Im a team player and hard honest worker but no one is the same. Is it crazy to go from nursing home to ICU? All the people I graduated with went to hospitals and I feel its my time. Just nervous to make the necessary switch!
  4. penny186


    Hello, I've been an RN at the LTC facility I was an aide at for 7 years prior. There is an aide who started working there in my last year as an aide. Nice girl, but possible she has some type of mental problems. She became my close friend and she has no parents, no car, no clothes etc. I helped her by giving her rides, clothes, food etc. However she is totally not receptive to the point of coming to work smelling horrendous daily (I mean smelling like cat per, BO, and nasty feet), dressing immorality and strange for work, and just doing odd things. I put that all aside and accepted that shes not receptive to help . However since I became a nurse her laziness and bad behavior with the residents has really got me aggravated, since now I'm the nurse and its my problem. She constantly doesn't adhere to the care plans, leaves beds wet, people covered in dried up feces, garbage on the floor, messy rooms, never repositions, no heel float boots, geri sleeves etc. never cleans their bottoms, gets them up in the morning looking like homeless people, and recently I noticed double briefing. I have had to follow behind her since July since nicely telling her to fix her mistakes has no effect. She was approached the other night about double briefing and she did it again last night! I work as the supervisor as well as the floor nurse and in this case I went to the supervisor who wrote her up. I have no tolerance for this type of behavior. It's not below me to fix things with the residents but she is there to provide basic care and its consistently not done every night to the point where I have to check every resident. I don't have time for that. I am there for the residents who need aides to provide basic care that they don't get! Its hard since she was my close friend but I have a job to do and double briefing is just not acceptable! I've been an aide and know what needs to be done. If they need help they can always come to me but most of the time they are playing on their phones. I'm ready to just quit since management does absolutely nothing when you come to them. I don't want to hurt her but she's got to learn
  5. I am a cna at a great facility and I love my job, except when I get pulled to another floor. I love my total care floor because it is where I started and where I know the residents inside and out. I am always the one to get pulled to the demanding resident floor, despite the fact that I am constantly pulling doubles, staying over, and coming in on short notice. A few months after I first got hired, they began to pull me from my total care floor to the demanding, more independent floor. I never complained about being pulled occasionally to this or the other floor, however, it began to be more and more often, and I was the only one that got pulled. At first, I hated the floor because I was unfamiliar with the residents and I felt like I couldn't do it. However, once I got to know them, I still hated to be pulled, but I didnt complain. These residents are constantly ringing bells ajd complaining, which I do not have a problem woth. However, they are mean and demanding and treat you like slaves and are never satisfied with your work. Family members are always unsatisfied. None of the regular aides or nurses care to help and it is always short staffed. It is impossible to get paperwork done, and everyone is for themselves. I used to get severe anxiety if I thought I would get pulled. I work very hard for ALL residents, even if I do not particularly care for the floor, making sure they are changed and look nice. I expressed my concerns to the staff and I was not pulled for a few months. However, it is starting up again because their regulars are quitting. I am the only one getting pulled because it is a popularity contest. I am reliving my nervous feelings from when I first started. I never complain about being switched, and I go where I am told and do my best. However, I am back to feeling nervous the night in advance. I just keep telling myself that I can do it. Does anyone else face this problem? How do you handle it??
  6. penny186

    dont know what to do

    Ok so I have been working as a cna for about a year. I began school for my bsn in August. I am doing great in english, sociology, basic life support, foundations, and terminology. We only had one test so far in soc and my medical terminology teacher resigned halfeay through so I have been learning on my own. HOWEVER, my problem is anatomy. I havr been studying my butt off, going to tutorials, and going to open lab. However, the tenth week is approaching and my gpa is under the 2.0 needed to continue in the nursing program. If I want to drop the course, I need to do it now. I can keep going in the nursing program, but I would be behind from not taking anatomy 2 and micro. My other choice is to finish the year by taking core courses ajd transfer to a adn program at a community college. I have already heard horror stories about my current nursing program and how good this community college is. I can also take a chance and try to pass my anatomy course. I have put so much work into it and dont want people to think that I am lazy or stupid, it is just very hard and I am not good at lab and lab practical s. I dont know what to do! Please help. Thank you
  7. penny186

    Toileting Residents

    At my facility there are some people who do their job and others who just do not care at all. Me and some of my coworkers work 7 to 3 while others work 6 to 2. After lunch my coworkers and I pretty much bust our butts and toilet all of our residents up until about three oclock. However, those that work 6 to 2 take their break and toilet none of their people, maybe only one or two and leave their documentation for us to finish. The second shift is complaining that everyone is wet when they come on and that dayshift does not do their job. I understand that we are responsible for all of the residents, but at the end of the day we are each responsible for our own assignment and will toilet them first before we toilet those of others assignments. Why should we do their work when we can barely finish out own lists? This is not saying thay we will not care for someone because they are not on our list, but it is impossible for two people to toilet every resident on the floor for the last hour before the nest shift comes in. One of the aides on the second shift is constantly complaining about everything to make herself look good in front of the nurses. She twists words around and no one wants to even talk to her. She heard another aide say to another aide that one of the residents (who was not her own) was most likely not toileted all day. She then began a tirade saying that no one does their jobs (while she does not even toilet toilet her people until after dinner). Most of these residents need to be checked for incontinence and can easily urinate soon after they were changed. The aide who made the comment about the resident feels bad because she said that shes the reason she started her tirade. However this resident is usually never toileted unless her daughter is there. The aide was only stating fact. We are very tired of being accused of not doing our jobs when even our nurses can attest that we toilet nonstop.
  8. I just ended my 1st week in pursuit of my bsn. I am so scared for my a and p class. I feel like so much info is being thrown at me. I have it 4x a week for 50 min along with a 3 hr lab once a week. The info is so complex and im scared I wont understand it. The whole class is simply me writing while the instructor talks, so I need to fo home and spend houts trying to figure it out. I need this class to continue in the nursing program. I am trying to balance my studies as well as my work as a cna. Was everyones a and p class hard?
  9. I just started nursing school for my bsn and I work per diem as a cna. I was sooo nervous about not being able to work as much as I always have, but my job is very flexible. I can do only a couple hours on any shift whenever I wish. I work day shift on weekends and do a couple hours during the week as my schedule permits. It is doable as long as I keep up on my studies. See if you can work on a per diem basis. I am glad that someone is in the same situation as me. Good luck
  10. penny186

    new cna. tips for time management PLEASE REPLY.

    I felt the same way when I first started. Time is the key to getting great at your job. After you know the residents, staff, routine, and facility, you will be popping residents out like its nobodys business! Prioritize yourself by who needs showers, who will take the longest, who is a 2 assist, and who needs to be up for breakfast. When I first started, I took a long time, trying to wash them very well and do stuff by the way I was taught. I learned quickly that cna classes are unrealistic. Get all supplies so you dont have to leave the room and do as much as you can by yourself before you need assistance. Make sure they look presentable, smell good, have their alarms, safety equipment, call lights, wheelchair devices, and their beds are in the lowest position. Follow the care plan exactly ask the nurse about any discrepancy. Dont be afraid to ask for help. Make sure they are safe and their rooms are clean at the end of the shift. Write things down on paper like what size briefs they wear, order of get ups, and when they voided. Make a list of names, room numbers, number of assists, alarms, safety equipment, and info like who wears dentures and who gets back to bed for each resident. Get their clothes on so you can turn them the least amount of times possible. Sometimes it is easier to get their shirt on once they are out of bed. I feel accomplished when I get someone done and I cross them off my list. Overall, have a plan for what needs to be done at what time and it will guide you through your day. Make sure they are dry for the next shift. All you can do is your best and if you know you put forth an honest effort, you did a good job good luck!
  11. penny186

    cna nervous for nursing school!

    I have been a certified nurse aide for 10 months and have been working at a nursing facility about 8 months. I love my job and work many different shifts on a pretty regularly basis weekly. I am starting nursing school for my bsn very soon. I am sooo nervous to get back in the swing of school, staying up late, and going crazy trying to finish assignments. I feel that going to college was the wrong decision and am very nervous and anxious about having to give up my life by working less hours while my coworkers get to keep working everyday. For the last couple months I have been working non stop and am nervous to give it up. I will only be able to work weekends and evenings while I am in school and will give up my carefree lifestyle. I work very very hard and have learned so much, trying to do the best job possible, doing everything i can for residents, leaving no stone unturned. I love my job and feel content being an aide. I have been so upset about this major change for a month. It will be hard to not see certain people everyday and conform to a new lifestyle. Am I making the right decision? Please help

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