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  1. There is a doctor that comes in to round on his patients that comes directly to the nurses station and states 'I'll take a coffee, this color *points to his skin*." then goes and sits down and waits for his coffee. I know he is joking, but SMH, get it yourself!
  2. "Could you maybe give me a hand?" as he is pleasuring himself.
  3. And then they made him NPO.
  4. The fall risk patient with the bed alarm turned off, and the patient's significant other holding on to her from behind and pleasuring her with the curtain wide open.
  5. SwoRN

    Cheap online MSN / FNP programs

    Wow! You have done your homework. Thanks for this. I am looking at Indiana State University, Walden University and the University of South Alabama. My GPA isn't the greatest at 2.92, so it's a challenge trying to find a school that will accept me.