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  1. finding a job as an undergraduate nurse (UNE)

    I never said I was "neglecting to take action" I just didn't know what else to do? Thank you for the advice though, at least I know there's something more that can be done.
  2. replacing the CRNE with the NCLEX

    I hope there wasn't a thread about this already. My instructor posted this link today and asked what we thought about the CRNE being replaced with the NCLEX in 2015. We have been debating this in class, and I wa...
  3. finding a job as an undergraduate nurse (UNE)

    I just realized that I deleted the part that said I'm from Alberta . I'm in a funny intake spot; I'm in the first term of my 4th year right now, and I won't be doing my preceptorship term until September, so I will be graduating in December. This me...
  4. finding a job as an undergraduate nurse (UNE)

    Hello all! I have been lurking around these forums for a little over a year, and finally signed up!! I am in my fourth year of my BScN degree and I'm applying like mad for undergraduate nursing positions (UNE). I'm employed as an aide right now thr...
  5. Grant Macewan JAN 2013

    I'm in my 4th year, first term now (and supposed to be working on a paper, hehe). I'm sorry to hear the admissions process is still so crappy!!!! I remember how irritated I got with the whole thing, but honestly, look at it as an intro to the lovely ...
  6. The University of Alberta?

    This is a little late now, but I figured I'd throw a thought in... I'm in my 4th year from GMU, so I can explain the way the courses work a little. In year one, we spent the first term doing theory (anatomy, physiology, english, healthy populations, ...