replacing the CRNE with the NCLEX

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I hope there wasn't a thread about this already.

My instructor posted this link today and asked what we thought about the CRNE being replaced with the NCLEX in 2015.

We have been debating this in class, and I wanted to see what kind of thoughts were floating around here. CARNA is coming to speak with us next week and my instructor is encouraging us to be fairly transparent with our concerns and thoughts...this was one issue I would like to raise.

My class isn't writing this new exam (I'm writing in Feb 2014), but we will be working with grads who are being prepped to write it. I wonder what kinds of changes are going to be made to accomidate the new "american style" exam.



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When the news about the switch to a computer based, NCLEX type exam came out (while I was in nursing school) I was 100% against the change and signed the petitions against such a switch. My thinking was that such an important exam should be designed and provided entirely by Canadian nursing organizations, and that the removal of this source of revenue would weaken the CNA.

But I recently took the CRNE and I thought it was a lousy exam. Poorly conceived and poorly written. Now I've changed my tune and I'm thinking the new exam might just be an improvement...