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  1. waxynurse3

    When Teachers Try to Throw You Under the Bus

    Yes! Lately I have been having a lot of students being sent/coming down for vomiting but cannot describe it, tell me the amount and of course no one else has seen it. Today a teacher sent back a student I returned to class because she said she vomited in the bathroom. Teacher was upset she wasn't immediately sent home. Then another little boy vomits all over the lunchroom I send him home and that teacher (different teacher) tells me "I'm going to give you a list of kids to call me first before you send them home, he always wants to leave school". Can't win!
  2. waxynurse3

    911 call

    Thank you all so much Sometimes it's hard being out there alone, especially when dealing with others who don't know what we do. I'm really learning a lot and appreciate of all of you!
  3. waxynurse3

    911 call

    Hi all, I haven't really posted before, but I'd appreciate some feedback since school nursing is new to me and I'm really trying to grow and learn something from each experience. I like this position and really want to be successful. Today I was called on the playground by another teacher. The student was on the ground holding his head, not moving. Teacher says she did not witness fall, another student told teacher he fell and did not give many other details. When I get there teacher says his initial reaction was repeating "my head hurts", but when I got there to assess him, he wasn't following any commands (wasn't telling me his name, where he was, open eyes, squeeze fingers) just mumbling. Pupils were equal, dilated (approx.5 mm). Given all of this I did not feel I should move him so I made the decision to call 911. Last update I received he was now awake/alert and waiting results of a CT scan at the hospital. All other tests appeared normal. I did come to find out he does have a history of behavior problems, that he can be withdrawn. Did I overreact? Are there any other steps/assessment you would have done? Any other questions/commands you would have asked?
  4. waxynurse3

    Life after HEDIS?

    Hi, I am looking into a job offer for a HEDIS position at a large insurance company in my area. My question is what do most nurses do once the HEDIS season is over? I do not have another job. Is there another position that translates well with this skill set? Thank you
  5. waxynurse3

    OR Scheduling

    They didn't specify what shift. The posting said rotating, but I am not sure if that was during or after orientation. You've given me some help on what questions to ask during my interview, thank you.
  6. waxynurse3

    OR Scheduling

    I just received a job interview for a position in the OR at a Level 1 trauma center. The position stated: • New nurses in unit orientation work a combination of 8 hour and 12 hour day shifts. Most surgeries are scheduled for early mornings. • After the 6-9 month unit training is completed nurses typically work either 5/8 hour shifts along with 4/10 hour shifts, or 2/8hour shifts along with 2/12 hour shifts. • Trained nurses work one weekend every 12 weeks and four 8 hour shifts of call in duty every 6 weeks. • Nurses work one summer holiday and are on call (flex scheduling) for one winter holiday within each calendar year. Does this sound like a realistic scheduling overview? I appreciate any input...
  7. waxynurse3

    ProPublica: Life and Death in Assisted Living

    VivaLasViejas, I could have written your post and left running almost a year into a job with the same unfortunate circumstances. And as you posted, I was at a facility well respected by the community. It also appeared once a Resident's care exceeded the needs of the facility (either upon admission or through decline) Hospice was asked to consult. This in my opinion was only a bandaid, as many of hospice services were not continuous and once 6 months hit and the residents were found no longer appropriate for hospice they were back to square one. I am so saddened that this appears to be the norm, not the exception for ALFs in this country. Something has to change.
  8. waxynurse3

    Part-Time Hospice Nurse?

    Thank you so much for your replies. I just received a phone interview and your response has given me a good start on some questions to ask.
  9. waxynurse3

    Part-Time Hospice Nurse?

    Hello all, Although a member of allnurses for a bit, this is my first post on allnurses! Hopefully someone out there can help me. I have been a nurse (Part-Time) since 2008 starting out in Cardiac Step-Down and then primarily in the community setting. For the past 9 months I have been in Geriatrics. After almost 5 years I still feel I haven't found my niche. My current position has introduced me to working more closely with Hospice and really feel it would really be a good match. I continue to be impressed with each Hospice nurse I come in contact with and their philosophy of care, demeanor and education towards patients and their families seems to most closely match my own. I have been told I make my patients feel at ease in times of crisis and love finding ways to best educate. I find I do best when I feel I can manage my own time, rather than having to manage time around tasks and finite deadlines (if that makes sense). My questions are this: *I am drawn to the ability to spend time one on one with patients and families providing care and education. Is this found in hospice case management? *Do Hospice case managers find resources available to them if needed? My concern is I feel everyday I learn more of what I don't know and while I appreciate the autonomous and intimate nature of home care are there nurses readily available for question or is that where a solid orientation comes in? (I also understand you can never know everything!) *Does Inpatient Hospice have the same expectations as case managers (patient load, time spent with patients/families, management of symptoms...) *I need to work Part-Time. Can Hospice nursing be done (sanely:sneaky:) part-time? What should the expectations be when working PT (case-load, etc...)? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. I know there is a place out there for me in this world of nursing just looking to find it and tired of feeling like I'm floundering.