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OR Scheduling

I just received a job interview for a position in the OR at a Level 1 trauma center. The position stated:

• New nurses in unit orientation work a combination of 8 hour and 12 hour day shifts. Most surgeries are scheduled for early mornings.

• After the 6-9 month unit training is completed nurses typically work either 5/8 hour shifts along with 4/10 hour shifts, or 2/8hour shifts along with 2/12 hour shifts.

• Trained nurses work one weekend every 12 weeks and four 8 hour shifts of call in duty every 6 weeks.

• Nurses work one summer holiday and are on call (flex scheduling) for one winter holiday within each calendar year.

Does this sound like a realistic scheduling overview? I appreciate any input...

Sounds realistic to me, but depending on their staffing levels once you come off orientation and how the management handles add-on cases daily, it may require some flexibility on your part, e.g. occasionally staying late to finish cases or being called back during the weekend.

Did they mention what shift you would be hired for once off orientation? I ask because at one of my facilities call for dayshifters during the weekday only cover call from 3p to 11p and 11p to 7a is covered by the late shift (3-11p). At the other facility I work dayshifters pull call from 3p to 7a during the week.

Good luck.

They didn't specify what shift. The posting said rotating, but I am not sure if that was during or after orientation. You've given me some help on what questions to ask during my interview, thank you.


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