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  1. APU PMHNP Fall 2015

    Hi! I started this summer at APU for the pmhnp program. I know it's exciting to start! What classes will you be taking and what campus?
  2. Azusa Pacific University Psych NP Spring 2015

    I requested the San Bernardino campus but once we are ready for the core classes in the fall of 2016, we all go to the azusa campus.
  3. Azusa Pacific University Psych NP Spring 2015

    Hi Kittyn, Congrats! I also got into the summer pmhnp program. What campus did you choose? I'm excited, can't wait to start and meet everyone at the meet and greet.
  4. Azusa Pacific University MSN-FNP

    Thanks for the update miaamor. That gave me a slither of hope....but still nothing and through an email they still wouldn't tell me and they told me the same thing. Responses are coming this week.....
  5. Azusa Pacific University MSN-FNP

    Anybody hear from the San Bernardino campus? Congrats to those who got accepted! I'm losing hope, as I haven't heard anything at all but I also haven't seen anyone post about the San Bernardino Campus. Anyone apply for that campus?
  6. Azusa Pacific University MSN-FNP

    SS, what campus are you applying to?
  7. Azusa Pacific University MSN-FNP

    From what I know, I haven't heard that this program requires an interview. I know they do interviews for the ELM.
  8. VA Hiring Process

    It is very easy, basic things. If I remember correctly, it's about 50 questions and I think it's only to ensure that you're a safe nurse that understands the basics vs icu drip calculations type of thing. They gave us a study guide if you still feel ...
  9. Azusa Pacific University MSN-FNP

    I looked on my apu page and it says incomplete pending the BSN diploma to post. They assured me that was okay because they know my completion/graduation is December and my admission would be conditional as long as I did in fact graduate. Are you also...
  10. Azusa Pacific University MSN-FNP

    Hi Watermelon21! I've also been looking for discussions on this so I'm glad you started one. I'm sure others will have the same questions and anticipation. I also applied to MSN-FNP for the IE campus. This was the application that was due September 1...
  11. Armennavet, I just noticed your screen name. Are you applying with Veteran preference? If so, so am I. It's not a guarantee but the chances of an interview are good. I have gotten two so far out of 2 applications. The first one I was not selected bec...
  12. I guess nobody has heard anything. I know I haven't but with the number of applications they must receive, it's probably still going to be a minute. I read on other blogs that they receive about 400 apps for that program. The offer for the GNT progra...
  13. 4 Los Angeles hospitals closing.

    Thanks for posting the info! I'm so sick to my stomach that the state is going on a rampage. Anaheim regional shut down after their fine was so huge they couldn't stay open. Granted, it's wrong to be wrong but in these times where "state insurances" ...
  14. 4 Los Angeles hospitals closing.

    Which ones? When?
  15. Putting in my letter of resignation today

    I admire what you are doing. You may think you do it for yourself but you do it for those that are scared and depend on the job. Last weekend, the scheduler gave me 4 admissions to do in 8 hrs. I firmly told her that I would do only 3, she was irrita...
  16. Home Health-The good, The bad, and I'm getting out.

    Thanks to both on your insight. I liked that both agreed to the same thing and that the "things" were not related to: how hard, stressful, unrealistic job demands, the long shifts, the nights, the weekends. I can see how that bothered both of you. I ...
  17. Nothing yet. I read another post on the GNT offer at the Palo Alto VA last year and the nurses were commenting about two months later after posting that they were finally getting interview calls.
  18. Home Health-The good, The bad, and I'm getting out.

    Those of you who ventured to hospice after ICU.... May I ask what about Hospice made it more appealing to you than ICU at the time? Very curious because the company I work for just hired two nurses coming from ICU. I don't hate my job or the company...
  19. Home Health-The good, The bad, and I'm getting out.

    I Know what you mean!!! Ughhhh....that's why I second guess myself. I still make about 6-8$ more than most hospitals in the area. I would have to cope with the loss of freedom we get out and about...I'm torn between what evil is better.
  20. VA Hiring Process

    Cita, tough situation you're in because I totally get where you are coming from on the whole annoying thing but sometimes you have no choice if you really want to pursue something. I will tell you that after my interview, they said they would notify ...
  21. nclex in California

    Yes I am in California. The board will give you an authorization to test once the school sends them a roster which is the quickest way to get the ATT. The roster only certifies that you did complete the program and you're tentatively considered eligi...
  22. nclex in California

    This is a common thing, it happened to me unfortunately. It took about 5 weeks before I called them and sure enough, my school hasn't sent my final transcript! It took another 3 to get them processed and my license posted! My coworker took his last F...
  23. VA Hiring Process

    Cita, Any word now for you?