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  1. LPN4life2004

    how to locate reputable agencies as a new LPN?

    I actually agree with awheat. Yes, it is the agencies responsibility to train the nurses and to have a supervisor on call if help is needed. But there are just some skills you don't master until you have experience. When you work in other facilities, hospitals, etc you have other nurses you can go to for help and a second opinion. For instance. When I was a new nurse, a patient's Blood sugar was high, gave them the appropriate insulin per sliding scale, and 15 mins later they bottomed out. I did not recognize that that was the problem. I had given them VERY little insulin. I had the RN come in and she was able to tell what was wrong. Learned that pt's with pancreatic cancer have very unpredictable blood sugars and can bottom out at the drop of a hat. Having someone there to mentor you if needed is an asset to a new nurse. You won't have that in home health. Sure, you can call, but it can take twice as long to figure out a problem over the phone than in person. That's why many home health agencies won't hire new nurses. My company only hires those with experience, does the testing upon hire AND gives orientation. And that's for experienced nurses. That being said, whatever you choose is your choice and I wish you the best either way.
  2. LPN4life2004

    Pressure to take unsafe shifts.

    In my state there is a law that says a nurse can only work 18 hours in any 24 hour period, so no 24 hour work shifts for me. I wouldn't do it anyway. It's way too unsafe.
  3. LPN4life2004

    Do you "friend" your pts on Facebook???

    To be honest I take this even one step further. I have heard mention of nurses giving clients their cell numbers. I know not everyone can help this, but I don't even give clients my cell number. I have an agency, so if they need to get ahold of me they can contact them. I used to give out my number until I had a clients family that started to borderline harass me nonstop about different things and started to call me even on my day off. I quit that client and never gave out my number again. I can't stress enough about maintaining professional distance.
  4. LPN4life2004

    I saw a huge cockroach at my patient's house

    I had a place that I went to with bed bugs. In my area, they weren't a problem and my bite reaction didn't show up for about 4 days after. I only went there 1 time a week, and when I finally figured out what it was from (at first I thought it was hives until I noticed the pattern) I called my office and they didn't believe me. I told them I wasn't going to be able to go back as I couldn't risk an infestation in my house. Thankfully I didn't get one from being there before I realized what was going on. I also saw a mouse a few times an promptly reported that too. Thankfully I don't scare easily or the family would have woke up to screaming!
  5. LPN4life2004

    Trachs/Vents - How much training?

    I have been doing adult and child vent/trach for over 6 years. I was fortunate to get a case where they were weaning the child off the vent, which allowed (what I felt) less rush with some things. I agree with the person that said that kids are on different levels of stability. I have had kids that I was concerned all day about their condition, constantly having seizures,etc, to ones where they haven't had to go to the hospital or even had an infection in well over a year and thriving very well. Some even went off vent and trach altogether. But my thought is with every case. I will always be on guard and looking for any (even little) signs of trouble. My hope is to prevent problems before they become a problem. Eventually you learn things and feel more comfortable with your skills. When I first started, I was fortunate to be able to take vent/trach training with a respiratory therapist from the local children's hospital. Sadly my employers don't do that anymore and some nurses concern me when they come for an orientation. My agency usually says the nurse should come for a 4 hour orientation not even a whole shift, but they will allow more if requested (they don't always tell you that). Good luck to you! Btw I am surprised how many RN's here do PDN with trach/vents on here. In my area the RN's are rare and they actually get a reduced salary compared to other jobs.
  6. LPN4life2004

    Neglect? What would you do?

    It's seems that mom has got her tush in gear a bit. That's a start! It's never easy to call CPS on a family when you know they love their child. But as a parent there are priorities that have to be made. You gotta take care of your kid, if you don't, people may get involved and there may be consequences.
  7. LPN4life2004

    Annoyed with nurses at PDN case (vent)

    I've had the same thing happen, all I could do was report errors to my sup. CYA and document everything at beginning of shift that is going on. Fix what you have to. And pray nothing happens to the patient. Eventually either other nurses will talk to the sup and she'll realize it is a big problem or mom will figure it out and get rid of her. Have you ever tried ( kindly if course ) to try and help educate the nurse on things? The big one I had a problem with wouldn't listen. But it's worth a try.
  8. LPN4life2004

    Oral intubation kiddos in a home setting?

    Did you ever find out what was actually going on? Just curious.
  9. LPN4life2004

    Sleeping Nurse = No Agency?

    You did not overreact at all! I work PDN on nights and although it gets hard sometimes there is no reason why someone can't get up and move around. Plus you go over and beyond with providing drinks and snacks for the nurses. Judging by the fact she was laying on the floor and then on the couch she purposely put herself in a position to sleep, it wasn't accidental. As for the headphones. I use mine at work, but I only put it in one ear so I can hear everything fine with the other :) sorry you had to deal with a ridiculous supervisor and I hope for the best for you! Your doing a great job! I hope to be a foster parent for medically fragile children myself someday :)
  10. LPN4life2004

    Advice please

    Thanks for everyone's reply.
  11. LPN4life2004

    Advice please

    Lol I have no words to reply to this.
  12. LPN4life2004

    MRSA in home health

    I'm glad it worked out and she finally listened. Thank you for being a good DON and caring about your nurses. There are too many out there that seem like they don't care anymore.
  13. LPN4life2004

    MRSA in home health

    If I were one of the nurses going to that case I'd quit going there. Not worth the exposure for my company to save a little money. Not to mention a liability if state ever found out.
  14. LPN4life2004

    Advice please

    I go to the home for a shift (8 hours), and although this person has nursing, the nurses aren't there 24 hours a day. They are completely alert and oriented and there has been other inappropriate behavior in the past, like I mentioned above, that my supervisor has had to address (not just with me, but with many nurses). I don't believe it is a safety issue, I just feel incredibly uncomfortable being in this kind of situation. If they were confused I would dismiss it. I have had uncomfortable and inappropriate things happen with patients who are confused, and in that situation I can easily dismiss it. I would also like to add that inappropriate behavior doesn't stop at just touching a person. We, as nurses, do have to deal with uncomfortable situations at times, but there is a line to be drawn. I worked at one facility when I first started as a nurse where they had male aids bathe a client because of their inappropriate behavior (and this person wasn't even completely oriented). I decided to contact my supervisor and notify them of what happened. They felt it was inappropriate while nurses were present as well.
  15. LPN4life2004

    Advice please

    I occasionally work with a male client that has had inappropriate behavior in the past. The issue was addressed and has stopped but it was discovered my last time there that they are watching porn while I (and possibly others) are there. I discovered this because they were on their personal computer and it wouldn't allow them to turn off the sound while watching a video. I, personally find this very uncomfortable and wonder what advice other female nurses may have in regards to this situation. How and what have you done to deal with these and other situations in your own jobs?