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  1. Jenny99

    From a Prez of a LVN Association

    One wonders sometimes, how long this fight will continue between the RN and the LVN. It started many years ago as "entry into practice" and 'one board of nursing" and still continues to this day - into the "staffing ratio" issue. The driving force behind the elimination of the LPN / LVN is not the RN's personally, but the educational programs that teach the RN's and the RN Associations throughout the United States. Mark my words, this is the case. To the person (on a different thread) that said "After all, ANY RN, will always provide better quality care than an LPN/LVN." should re-evaluate themselves. This was a learned trait - embedded by some instructor or by a RN Association. Apathy among the LPN and LVN group is tremendous. You must get active or suffer elimination of our profession totally. Elimination is emminant if nothing is done. Jenny99
  2. Jenny99

    suggestions for lpn associations/organizations

    Check out http://www.clvna.org - the California LVN Association web site. They have a lot of good stuff on it, even job opportunities. Jenny 99 :) :) :)
  3. Jenny99

    Southern California LVN Convention California

    Hi - Actually there are two LVN Organizations in California - the League and the California Licensed Vocational Nurses Association, Inc. The League does not have a web site, the CLVNA does at http://www.clvna.org Specifically, I am not aware of what city the convention is in. I think though, if you and your classmates join one of the organizations - it should be CLVNA. More benefical I think - more cost efficient also. more bang for the buck so to speak. Check out the web site. jenny99 :) :) :) :) :)
  4. Jenny99

    LVN/LPN unions?

    perhaps she did. I was explaining from a question raised - why LPN/LVN could not have separate bargaining units. Yes, I have been and am still a member of a LVN Labor Union - one of those that was formed prior to that supreme court ruling back in the 1970's (read the prior posts for that explaination) Have enjoyed it throughly. The secret to any union activity is communication and a cooperative effort between the parties - if you have that, you have won the battle (so to speak) jenny99 :) :) :) :)
  5. Jenny99

    LVN/LPN unions?

    Yes - very well, I do understand labor unions. I would lke to ask what group specific issues and needs are you asking about. If I know these, I can better answer your question. jenny99
  6. Jenny99

    LVN/LPN unions?

    i agree, all nurses must stick together. but the politics and the territorial nature of some nurses and/or nursing associations prevent that from happening. jenny 99 :) :) :) :)
  7. Jenny99

    LVN/LPN unions?

    Sure. The supreme court in the 1970's made a ruling the LVN/LPN's were "technicial" in nature - so to speak. Therefore, they had to be included with all the other technical folks into a bargaining unit. This is evident today by the composition of bargaining units inclusive of Pharmacy Techs, CNA's, EKG Techs and the like. That is the way the law is. jenny99
  8. Jenny99

    LVN/LPN unions?

    LVN's/LPN's are unable to have separate bargaining units under the federal guidelines - this was determined by the supreme court back in the 1970's. jenny99
  9. Jenny99

    Artificial feeding-Terri Schiavo

    You are very selcome. The only other thing I have to say is that if the parents have had no sense of reality throughout this whole thing - they better find reality pretty quick. jenny99 :)
  10. Jenny99

    Artificial feeding-Terri Schiavo

    No Twinkle Toes, it is not crude to say - you are 100 percent correct. The parents of Terri will long remember their legal struggles and the hatred of Michael rather than their precious daughter. Michael was 110 percent correct in his actions and I applaud him. :yelclap: :yelclap: :yelclap: :yelclap: jenny99
  11. Jenny99

    Artificial feeding-Terri Schiavo

    Hi Everyone, Being a critical care nurse for so many years and having seen families "fight" over the ill and/or disabled family member laying in the bed for what ever the reason, is so disgusting. One side keeps the patient alive - on a ventilator with a flat EEG for example is so cruel. I guess money or the whatever else the dispute is about, is more important than the dying patient to them. Terri's family - both sides - will someday realize that the "fighting" that went on was not worth it. No one, won the "fight" here. The attorneys made their money, the media had their "field day", our Legislative bodies made spectacles of themselves and Terri will still be gone. Let Terri pass in peace. Regardless of who was right and who was wrong. Let her die in peace. She deserves that much. She will have a place in heaven. Jenny99
  12. Jenny99

    USMC to LVN

    Hi - Check with the Board of Vocational Nursing in California at http://www.bvnpt.ca.gov - also, the California LVN's have a web site, they can be found at http://www.clvna.org jenny99
  13. Jenny99

    harassment in the workplace

    As others have said, workplace harassment is illegal - both on the state and federal level. I would report it immediately to the state and advise your employer not to ignore it, but deal with it without delay. If they do not anything to remedy the situation or just plain ignore it hoping it will go away -should think again. They can be in big trouble for letting this go on when they acknowledged something indeed is going on. And if they have held a staff meeting already about it - they are aware. So, do not kid yourself. The employer is just as guilty as the harrasser herself. Take it to a higher authority - do not mess around - your emotional health and that of your husband depends on it. jenny99
  14. Jenny99

    Doing away with LPNs

    From California Tell me what sense it makes to lay off LVN's and pay the RN's double time pay for double shifts - at least $90.00 per hour for 16 hours.....when the LVN makes $27.00 - $32.00 per hour on a straight 8 hour shift. The hospitals and / or other medical facilities complain they have no money....wonder why that is...??...and that they can't find any staff to work. So, they have no choice but to work the RN's double time for double shifts. Some of them choose not to hire LVN's. They would solve their staffing problem and their money concerns if they utilized both the RN and LVN's in their staffing matrix, but they don't see it that way right now and that is because of the position statement put out by the California Nurses Association on the staffing ratio issue. It is very damaging to the LVN's. (I am one of the lucky ones...I guess one could say...who knows what's really going on in the politics of things in California due to the position I hold) jenny99 :) :) :) :) :)
  15. Jenny99

    LVN Web site

    Did anyone look at the web site for the California LVN's? It is http://www.clvna.org I wrote and they say out of state LPN's and LVN's can join. I found it interesting. jenny99
  16. The California Nurses Association has a bad reputation and is getting much, much worse as the days go on. Their "teamster like tactics" are getting on the outragous side and if they continue on this track, I think the might find themselves on the short end of the stick pretty quick here. CNA really has alot to learn in the legislative arena in California. Putting their "tigers foot forward" all the time is not benefical in the long run. You all watch and see. Jenny99