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  1. frant1234

    Failed NCLEX FIRST TIME need help and/or a tutor in Ga area.

    Where in Ga? PN or RN
  2. frant1234

    NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks

    Don't know what to study anymore can you please share the 50 pages review with me Deeva my email address Frant1234@hotmail.com
  3. frant1234

    NCLEX PN Studying

    Exam cram pn the 3rd edition.
  4. frant1234

    Book LPN

    Saunders the 5th edition, exam cram, and learning extension
  5. frant1234

    need a study buddy for nclexpn

    This is my email address Frant1234@hotmail.com i did 100 question in one day we can study as a group. Am in Ga
  6. frant1234

    Nclex PN Help!!!

    Try the exam cram 3rd edition pn, learning extension and Prioritization delegation and assignment--- this is my email address I can help you
  7. frant1234

    NCLEX PN- know whats on my test.

    Thank you very much am taking mine in march.
  8. frant1234

    need a study buddy for nclexpn

    I just graduated in December am taking my nclex in march also we can study together